Life of Crime episode 1


Last Friday night ITV showed the first of a three-part crime drama called Life of Crime. I almost missed it but flipping through the channels I caught sight of Hayley Atwell in a police uniform and I decided there were worse ways to spend an hour of my life. My exact thought was something along the lines of “Gosh, she’s pretty!” I mean, I knew Hayley was pretty, but it hit me like a brick wall of prettiness on Friday night.

Note, spoilers below…

Anyway, episode 1 is set in 1985. (You know it because they go to a disco at one point and manage to squeeze in a good portion of an early Now That’s What I Call Music compilation.)

Hayley plays young WPC Denise Woods in Brixton and a teenager she befriends turns up dead. She immediately suspects who did it but her police boss does not appreciate a newly qualified WPC taking a lead on the investigation. Indeed there is a fairly unbelievable shouty scene of said police boss shouting at Hayley that made me think, “did police bosses really shout to their subordinates like that in he 1980s?’

Denise even manages to get herself suspended at one point but continues on her own investigation, catching her suspect cleaning his van in an attempt to get rid of evidence. It looks like he will go free.

And then something unexpected happens. The Brixton riots erupt and Denise finds herself in the police station with access to the evidence room and everyone else is understandably occupied. Surely she wouldn’t…

It’s a plot twist I did not see coming. The suspect gets his comeuppance and Denise is lauded.

Next week the drama jumps to 1997 and from the preview it seems that Denise is confronted with what she did with the evidence. I will be watching.