John Carter revisited

Last night I was in the mood for movie and I found myself reaching for the John Carter DVD that I bought just a couple of weeks ago. That’s strange. I normally don’t watch a movie again quite so soon after buying it.

Well, I have to say I enjoyed the movie just as much on the second go around and it’s reminded me of a few things I missed on my first review.

First things first. I liked Lynn Collins very much as Dejah Thoris. And she’s pretty. Cue obligatory photo.


What I enjoyed most about how she played the Princess was the little undercurrent of humour that she has in a lot of her scenes. For example the first time we see her she is speaking to the camera fairly seriously. Then she laughs and we see she’s in an empty room practising her speech.

Willem Dafoe plays the leader of the green Tharks, and Samantha Morton plays the outcast Sola. I don’t know if they did any Avatar-style motion-capture. I must look that up.

Mark Strong has a great line as he describes to John Carter what his people, the mysterious Therns, do: ‘We do not cause the destruction of a world, Captain Carter. We simply manage it. Feed off it, if you like.’

Michael Giacchino of Lost and the 2009 Star Trek supplies the music and it’s pretty effective.

There’s an impressive bit of editing in the middle with John Carter single-handedly taking on a Thark army while intercut with shots of him finding his wife and child killed in the old west.

I mentioned in my review that the success of a movie could be measured in making you want to read the source material. Well, as of last night I’ve already started reading A Princess of Mars on my Kindle, and the movie paperback edition arrived in the post today. (interestingly it contains both the novelisation of the movie script plus the Edgar Rice Burroughs original so the reader can compare the different versions for themselves. Nice.)

So in summary, I like.