James Bond 007 Blu Ray Steelbooks

Today on Zavvi I spotted a banner advertising seven new James Bond Blu Ray Steelbooks. Apparently these will be a limited edition of 2000 each and will be released on 14 September.

I quickly realised that they had a “gimmick” of being based on the opening credits at the moment when the title of the movie is on screen.

The seven titles chosen are From Russia With Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, For Your Eyes Only and Casino Royale.

It took me a moment to work out why those seven titles were chosen. Then I realised that they are all movies that featured Spectre in some shape or form. Well, if you ignore Dr No and include Casino Royale instead.

Here are images of the seven covers…

image image image image image image image

after doing a bit of searching online I discovered that there are actually nine blu Rays in the series, at least in the USA and Germany. They also get Quantum of Solace and Skyfall.

The UK is not getting those two, apparently because they have had steelbook releases in the UK already.

(I know Skyfall had an Amazon exclusive steelbook but I can’t think of a steelbook release for Quantum of Solace.)

Anyway, here are the other two movies from Germany.

image image

Pity. I’d be interested in those.

Overall I think it’s an interesting look for the covers. Personally I’d prefer versions of the movie poster art although I do like the simplicity of the From Russia With Love cover and the Casino Royale one really appeals to me.