Hayley Atwell in Agent Carter short movie on Iron Man 3 blu ray

OK, I must be a slow learner as I just discovered this last night.

Basically there is a new Marvel “One Shot” short movie as an extra on the forthcoming Iron Man 3 Blu Ray titled Agent Carter. It features the improbably lovely Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter, last seen in the Captain America movie (and in a file photo in The Avengers).

In fact this new short seems to be a period piece and is therefore a little sequel to Captain America. It appears that news of this was announced last month but I’m only seeing it now.

Here’s a clip:

The folks at Marvel have also gone to the bother of producing a pulp magazine-style poster design to accompany the short film. When I saw it last night it had me squeeling like a teenage girl at a boy band concert.

(OK, really it didn’t. but I metaphorically felt like squeeling like a teenage girl at a boy band concert…)


Damn, I need that poster. I like Hayley. She’s pretty!

So it’s an extra reason to buy that Iron Man 3 Blu Ray which is out on 9 September, at least in the UK. And perhaps Hayley will turn up in Captain America 2 next year…