Hannibal TV show

I just spotted this news from a couple of weeks ago. It appears that NBC is going to make a TV series based on the Hannibal Lecter novels by Thomas Harris.

My first reaction was a bit of mental eye rolling. But then I discovered that the show will apparently feature the Will Graham character from the first Lecter novel Red Dragon.

This gets me interested because in my opinion the Red Dragon novel is the best of the bunch. Also it was the basis for the best Hannibal Lecter movie.

Or rather I should say the best Hannibal Lecktor movie because I’m talking about Michael Mann’s 1986 film Manhunter with William Peterson as Will Graham and Brian Cox as Hannibal, rather than the Red Dragon remake from 2002 with William Norton and Anthony Hopkins.

One thing I like about Manhunter was that it was more faithful to the book when showing us Lecter’s cell. I remember the book describing the white walls and Lector’s white uniform. Of course the ‘other’ movies gave us a fairly unbelievable badly-lit dungeon with stone walls that I never bought as a suitable place to incarcerate a serial killer.

Also I just love Brian Cox’s droll interpretation of the character. His Lecter comes across as slightly bored but you feel him getting under Graham’s skin.

But I digress. Time will tell if this series will be any good. Which for me will be if it’s anything like Manhunter.