Game of Thrones Location 4 Murlough Bay

Here’s a Game of Thrones location from season 2 that I have wanted to find for almost a year. It’s the scene in episode 4 where rival brothers Stannis and Renly parlay. After a bit of research I finally established that the location was Murlough Bay on the north Antrim coast a few miles east of the town of Ballycastle.

To get there drive along Murlough Road, but be advised that it’s more of a track than an actual road.

There’s a small area suitable for parking with the following sign displayed:


On to the location photos. My photos follow the screen grabs.

First of all here are establishing shots of the scene.





Now the cliffs visible behind Renly and Catelyn Stark as you look east.



Looking west behind Stannis. I’m not sure if that’s a headland or Rathlin Island between the two middle guards in the screen grab from the episode. It’s not clearly visible in my photo but I did see a lighthouse flashing so I believe it is Rathlin.



Finally here’s what I think is the closest I got to standing on the spot where they filmed based on the position of the cliffs in the distance. Note also the rocks in the foreground.



Here’s the scene on YouTube:

I can also confirm that it was as windy up there as it looks in the episode. “Stormlands” indeed…

Finally here is the Google map for Murlough Road. Wear sensible footwear and bring a windproof jacket.

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