Doctor Who – Time Heist

This week’s episode of Doctor Who turned out to be a fairly run of the mill bit of business. It wasn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination but it it did have a distinct “in between” feel about it. Some spoilers follow.


The Doctor and Clara are called to a meeting by a mysterious figure who wants them to rob a bank. The next thing you know they and two others – a shape-shifter and a computer augmented hacker – have had their memory wiped. The reasoning for this is quite a nice idea; The bank in question is the most secure in the universe because the people running it can detect the guilt of everyone who walks inside. So the only way to get in is not to actually know what your plan to rob it actually is, hence the mind-wipe.

Incidentally (or actually crucially) the means of detecting guilt is a creature called the Teller, which is realised with some very nifty animatronics. It scans ones memories for guilt and then turns their brains to “soup”. Ew.

Eventually we discover the not very surprising fact that the whole time heist was organised by the Doctor himself and the aim of it is to rescue the Teller and his captive mate and return them to their own world. Just like in last years Hide in fact. Aw.

So not a bad episode, just one that could have slotted into any previous Doctor’s run of episodes whereas Deep Breath and Listen could only be Capaldi episodes.