Doctor Who The Tenth Planet on DVD

2013 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who which was broadcast on 23 November 1963.

Unfortunately along the way a lot of the early episodes ended up in the skip. At present 106 of the early black and white William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton episodes are missing, probably never to be found again.


One of the missing episodes is the fourth and final part of The Tenth Planet, the last story to feature William Hartnell’s First Doctor. The story is significant as it introduces the Cybermen and features the first regeneration.

All that remains of the missing episode is the soundtrack, some photos and a few clips recorded off the TV screen. Previously the only release was on VHS with a reconstruction of the missing episode using the photos and clips married to he soundtrack.

Now the missing episode is to be animated for a shiny new DVD release later this year. Very welcome news.