Doctor Who Series 7

The Doctor, Amy and an old actual 1960s Dalek!

Just a quick word about Doctor Who series 7 which arrives on our screens on Saturday 1 September 2012. Well, five episodes of series 7, and that’s our lot until Christmas.

I’ve done my best to avoid spoilers but I can’t help but be aware of the fact that the first episode contains zillions of Daleks.

(Which is nice, but it’s charming how the old show managed to have about three trundling around the corridor and you imagined it was, if not zillions, then at least a good dozen. I was watching Genesis of the Daleks at the weekend and it was great to see Davros appearing for the first Time before he got overused.)

I believe that episode five of the new series features the Weeping Angels (go watch Blink right NOW!) and is the last episode for Amy and Rory. Sniff.

New companion girl arrives on Christmas Day.

I assume we get the other eight episodes at some point in early 2013.

You can expect more ramblings from me about Doctor Who things over the coming weeks.