Doctor Who – Robot of Sherwood

This week’s episode of Doctor Who proved to a bit more of a lighthearted romp than the previous episodes as advertised. It’s very much a standalone episode where the Doctor promises to take Clara to anywhere in time and space. She insists on seeing Robin Hood despite the Doctor’s insistence that Robin Hood never actually existed. Nevertheless he sets the coordinates to 1190 Sherwood forest.


And wouldn’t you know, the first person he meets upon exiting the Tardis is said Robin. There’s a bit of mucking around with a sword vs spoon fight before the Doctor and Clara are taken to meet the merry men. Then it’s off to the Sheriff of Nottingham’s castle to try and win a golden arrow. There the Doctor discovers the Sheriff’s knights at in fact robots.

Capaldi seems to be developing a trademark bickering persona for his Doctor. He’s constantly irritated by Robin and launches into arguments with his counterpart. Writer Mark Gatiss does some interesting stuff comparing the legend of Robin Hood with the Doctor who feels anything but heroic.

The episode does touch on what must be the arc of the season. The Doctor discovers another spaceship from the future that is programmed to find the “Promised Land”, one assumes the same Promised Land as mentioned by the clockwork man in the season’s opening episode.

So in summary a fun lighthearted episode to bed in the new Doctor. But next week’s looks a fair bit more sinister…