Doctor Who – In the Forest of the Night review

Oh dear. What was it I said last week about this being a consistently impressive run of episodes?

Let’s get the plot summary over with.

Everyone wakes up and the world is covered by trees. There are kids and one of them can hear the trees. It turns out the trees are protecting the Earth from a big solar flare. They do protect the Earth as advertised and then they turn into fairy dust and go away.

And the Doctor may as well not have been in the episode. He didn’t do anything other than talk to the trees through the girl but they could have cut that scene as the voice filter used made the dialog incomprehensible.

Oh, and there was a missing girl sub-plot and it turns out the girl was hiding in a bush for a year.

And that’s about it.

It gives me no pleasure to say that the episode is clearly the worst of the season but it is extremely weak, slight and twee. The problem is that it is not really a Doctor Who story.

Anything good about it? There’s a nice bit where Clara gets the Doctor back to his Tardis under the misapprehension he’s going to save them all from the imminent end of Earth but then tells the doctor to leave without her as she doesn’t want to be the last of her kind.

Nice idea to have a tree-covered London but it didn’t really convince. You’re talking about scenes set in the centre of one of the most densely populated cities on Earth and we never see more than a handful of people.

I’ll put it another way. At some point in the future when I come to watch the eighth season through from start to end I’ll just save myself the bother and skip this one.