Continuum Season 1 Review

continuumRecently I watched the ten episodes of Continuum season 1 on DVD. It was a bit of a blind-buy but it was cheap online and I thought it would be a safe bet to take a chance on a show that involved (a) time travel and (b) Rachel Nichols.

The first episode opens in 2077 where the world is being run by corporations. A group of terrorists/freedom fighters (led by Master Bra’tac from Stargate SG1) are about to be executed when a time travel devices transports them back 65 years to 2012. Also zapped back in time is future cop, or “Protector”, Kiera Cameron (played by Rachel Nichols).

Back in 2012 Kiera becomes aware that the escapees are trying to foment a revolution in that time period and becomes determined to stop them, thus preserving the timeline and allowing her the chance to return to 2077 and her husband and son. She manages to inveigle her way into the local police investigations with the help of a young computer genius, Alec Sadler, who picks up her transmissions from her futuristic chip implants and hi-tech police uniform.

So initially at least the show is a fish-out-of-water kind of thing where Kiera has to adapt from be in 65 years in the past and learning to do police type detecting without being plugged into the future computer networks.

But as the season proceeded it became more interesting in exploring time paradoxes. I love my time travel stories and you need a good paradox now and then. One episode was clearly influenced by The Terminator when various factions from the future are targeting each other by threating to kill their parents or grandparents. Indeed the terrorists start acting like serial killers by going after all the women with the same name as Kiera’s grandmother as the T-800 did with Sarah Connor in 1984.

Also as the episodes progressed it became apparent that the presence of the future criminals and Kiera was one of those “it was always supposed to happen” deals. For example we get an early clue that young Alec is actually the same man as played by William B Davis, the iconic Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files. Future Alec has a connection to the criminals and let them escape into the past and made sure that Kiera went along with them. The season ends with young Alec delivering this news to Kiera, aware of how much she wants to get back to her own time.

Rachel makes an appealing heroine and it’s nice to see her get series lead. And I knew that I had seen the actor playing Alec in something else. Eventually it clicked that he played Dale in Jericho.

So I’m happy to say that buying Continuum was money well spent. I believe season 2 may have already started so I will be watching out for that box-set when the time comes.