Christmas telly watching 2012

These days I don’t watch a lot of live tv, instead preferring to pick up a DVD or blu ray and watch something when it is convenient to me. However looking at the TV listings I’ve picked out a few things to watch over the week.

Monday 24 December

Merlin BBC1 8:15 pm
Ok, so it’s last night, but it’s still on the iPlayer. This was the last episode of Merlin. I’d not got into the previous series but did find myself watching this darker last series and it was pretty decent. And Katie McGrath was pretty.

Tuesday 25 December

Doctor Who BBC1 5:15pm
Obviously. This one introduces Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new companion. Or reintroduces her, seeing as she was in that Dalek episode in September. And I think there’s a new Tardis control room. And Richard E Grant is in it.

Wednesday 26 December

The Girl BBC2 9pm

This is a drama about Hitchcock (Toby Jones) making The Birds and his obsession with Tippi Hedren, played by Sienna Miller.

Thursday 27 December

Restless Part 1 BBC1 9pm
Part one of a two-part spy drama based on the novel by William Boyd. Hayley Atwell is in it. I like Hayley, she’s pretty.

The Birds ITV3 11pm
And this was good timing, a night after the drama about the making of the movie they’re showing the actual Hitchcock movie.

Friday 28 December

Holby City BBC1 8pm
I watch this anyway but I’m mentioning it here because right afterwards is…

Restless Part 2 BBC1 9pm
See above.

Saturday 29 December

Bag of Bones Channel Five 9:15 pm
Based on a Stephen King novel and staring Pierce Brosnan.