Revolution season 2 episode 10 review

So finally I get to a much delayed recap of revolution season 2 episode 10.

When we last saw out heroes Miles was badly injured with some arm infection. I can’t actually remember how he got it but he was in a bad way.

In order to save his life Rachel and the others break her father, doctor Stephen Collins, out of Patriot prison. He quickly goes to work on the Miles wound of infection and cures it by adding some yummy maggots. You know, like they did in the dark ages or whatever.

Miles is soon all better again and Monroe insists Miles tells him where his mystery kid was taken to. Miles agrees to take Monroe to Connor, for that is his name. Miles also gets Rachel to come along for no particularly good reason.

Meanwhile Aaron has buried his dead teacher girlfriend. Stephen Collins apologises for betraying them and all. Aaron just stamps his foot and says “apologise to her, fool!” before storming off. Later it transpires that Aaron has left for good, probably to walk the earth like in Kung Fu.

Promo photo of Tracy Spriadakos. Well, the back of her head. And Stephen Collins.


“Well go after him, Gramps,” says Charlie so the new splinter gang of Charlie and Stephen Collins head off to track Aaron. After a few minutes Charlie loses his trail. “Damn,” she says, while stamping her foot. “He learned how to elude my amazing tracking skills.”

But hark, what is this? Stephen Collins spies some mysterious Patriot carts approaching town. Charlie assassinates some Patriots and they discover the carts contain… oranges.



Meanwhile the Miles-Monroe-Rachel splinter-gang head towards Mexico. For that is where Miles hid Connor. They come to a border crossing where there are strict border controls. No way can you get across. Er, unless you volunteer for a work party, in which case come on through.

On the other side of the border Monroe takes control of the horse and cart, neatly ejecting the work boss. They finally make it to the town Connor is in. The main street seems to be full of prostitutes. Miles shrugs and claims the town has changed

They ask around about Connor but everyone gets a deer in the headlights look and runs away. Eventually in a bar Monroe antagonises some young dude and they confront each other. “I bet that’s Connor” says the audience at home. “I think that’s Connor,” muses Miles. Turns out it is and he’s now working for some local crime boss. The trio is ordered to leave the town but Monroe goes back to bond with his son and is quickly captured by some gang of Connor minions.

There is a Tom Neville subplot about him arriving at the White House with the Patriots and plotting to kill some chief of staff in a power play. Eventually Neville junior kills the politician after reading something upsetting in secret papers. Frankly the Tom Neville stuff is too disconnected from the rest of the action to hold my attention. I’m sure it’s going somewhere but I enjoy the other stuff more.

Back in the Stephen Collins town we see patriots injecting some substance into the oranges. That can’t be good.

And on the road with Aaron. He has arrived in that town that has the second biggest ball of string or whatever it was the imaginary kid said. Some lady appears with a gun. “Aaron?” she asks. It’s Grace! Well, its mote accurate to say “Hey, it’s some lady who I think was in the show last season and was connected to the Dark Tower but I forget exactly who it is, oh wait her names is Grace…”

Fleming on DVD

I’m a big fan of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels so I’ve been very interested in Sky’s four part series Fleming. And I’m also a big fan of Lara Pulver who plays Mrs Fleming. The only problem is that I don’t have Sky TV.

Not to worry, there’s a DVD out on 3 March 2014. Here’s the cover featuring Dominic “I actually don’t look anything like Ian Fleming” Cooper.


And while I’m here I’ll mention that this is actually the third television production based on Ian Fleming’s life. Some years ago Jason “Son of Sean” Connery played Fleming in Spymaker and Charles Dance played him in Goldeneye.

20140209-213055.jpg 20140209-213101.jpg

Scarlett Johansson poster from Captain America 2

Marvel’s Captain America The Winter Soldier is opening in a couple of months. In other words it’s getting dangerously close to that time when my obsession with Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow will return to occupy my mind.

So as a first instalment of said obsession here’s a new character poster of the Black Widow from the above movie.


I should stress that the other characters get their own posters, but quite frankly I don’t care enough to list them here because good lord, Scarlett looks fantastic there…

If you really must find out about the other posters please feel free to visit

Riddick review, a solid sequel


Last night I finally got my hands on a rental disk of Riddick, the third movie in the series that started with Pitch Black back in 2000.

The movie starts with Vin Diesel’s anti-hero Riddick marooned on a hostile planet, Robinson Crusoe style. “There are bad days. Then there are legendary bad days” Riddick says in voiceover as we get a flashback to what happened after the second instalment of the series that led to his marooning at the hands of the Necromongers. Nice to see Karl Urban return in a cameo.

After putting himself back together and adopting an alien CGI dog creature Riddick resolves to get off the planet before things really turn nasty. Using himself as bait he activates an emergency beacon and before you know it two sets of rival mercenaries have arrived for the bounty.

The movie is broadly broken into three pieces. The first segment is pretty much dialog-free and involves Riddick surviving on the hostile barren planet. The second act introduces the mercenaries and their attempts to capture Riddick, with of course the tables effortlessly turned against them. The final part of the movie returns to the familiar Pitch Black high-concept territory with the planet producing a nasty surprise when it rains.

The movie clocks in at around two hours but for some reason it seemed to last a lot longer. I don’t meant that in an entirely negative way as I quite enjoyed the slow pace of the opening scenes allowing the audience to immerse themselves in Riddick’s situation. I also welcome director-writer David Twohy’s focus on characterisation and the (largely foul-mouthed) interplay between the mercenaries rather than focus on constant shooty-bangs as other directors would. Also the exteriors of the alien planet were impressively created in a studio interior, it’s palette largely limited to browns and yellows.

Overall this is a satisfying return to the Riddick universe. Hopefully a fourth instalment will eventually arrive and we can join Riddick on his search for his homeworld, the mysterious Furya.

Star Trek Starships All Good Things Enterprise

My fifth and final update of the day is the subscriber’s special issue of the USS Enterprise-D from the alternate future as seen in the final episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, All Good Things.

That’s quite a mouthful.

Basically the makers of the show stuck an extra engine nacelle and some other do-dads onto the USS Enterprise-D that they had used for seven years in the show. Ironically they ended up destroying the ship in it’s very next appearance in Star Trek Generations.

Photos follow:

allgoodthings1 allgoodthings2 allgoodthings3


Star Trek Starships 11 USS Reliant

And finally we get to one of my favourite Star Trek Ships, the USS Reliant from what remains my favourite Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Khan. That movie made a big impression on me as a kid and as a result the design of the Reliant has always influenced what I thought a star-ship should look like.

Fortunately this model has turned out well. A comparison with the Excelsior model is interesting. Counterintuitively the ‘smaller’ ship (the Reliant) gets a bigger model than the ‘larger’ ship (the Excelsior) because of the ratio of length to breadth and the standard box size.

Once more there is an issue with the model not wanting to stay on the stand so be careful. (It’s a bit bewildering that the makers of this series can make some models stay on their stand very well such as the Enterprise NX-01 or the USS Defiant, yet other models are a lot looser and take little encouragement to fall off.)

But again the detail is pretty nice and is a big improvement on the Enterprise Refit model that came in issue 2. Note the “Aztec” pattern and the individually numbered shuttle bays.

Now I’m off to quote lines like “Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

reliant1 reliant2 reliant3

reliant4 reliant5 reliant6

reliant7 reliant8


Star Trek Starships 10 Borg Sphere

Right, this is going to be a short post. There’s no point in taking lots of photos of the next ship as it’s the Borg Sphere from Star Trek First Contact, and a sphere kind of looks like a sphere whichever way you look at it.

I’ve taken a couple of photos to highlight the asymmetrical green blobs.

Otherwise it’s a sphere.

borg1 borg2

Star Trek Starships 9 USS Defiant

Moving quickly on, here is the model of the USS Defiant from the third Star Trek TV show Deep Space Nine.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of the design. It just doesn’t look like a Federation ship to me. In fact I don’t really think it looks much like anything.

The model does a decent job of representing the design. I suppose. And there’s detail and stuff.

Sorry, but I’m really not a fan of this design…

On to the photos:

defiant3 defiuant5 defiant4

defiant2 defiant1

Star Trek Starships 8 USS Excelsior

I’ve finally got around to taking some photographs of the latest Star Trek Starships models. So here is the first of five new posts, this one featuring the USS Excelsior from Star Trek III The Search for Spock.

The Excelsior was a brand new design for that movie and represented the next step up from Constitution-class ships like the Enterprise. Indeed after the Enterprise was destroyed in that movie many fans would have assumed that Kirk and his crew would be given the Excelsior in the next movie.

Eventually a decade later the Enterprise-B was revealed to be an Excelsior class ship in the seventh movie.

Here are some photos of the model. It’s a bit smaller than I would have liked but the size of the model is constrained by the standard box size they are using for most of these models. The Excelsior is a very long ship so it ends up being a small narrow model. At least there’s some “Aztec” pattern on the hull.

Be warned, this is another model that does not want to stay on its stand. Otherwise it is a decent representation of the ship with the caveat that I would have liked it to be a bit bigger.

excelsior5 excelsior2 excelsior8

excelsior7 excelsior6 excelsior4


Edge of Tomorrow trailer and poster

I just discovered this trailer for a movie called Edge of Tomorrow on YouTube last night and it has quickly gone on my list of anticipated moves for 2014.

The trailer shows some impressive future war shenanigans but what really grabs my attention is the (possibly Philip K Dick) influenced time loop along the lines of Groundhog Day or Source Code.

I’m a big fan of this years Tom Cruise sci-fi movie, Oblivion, so that’s another good sign.

And Emily Blunt is in it. This is turning into a no brainer.

Also note the use of (a deserted?) London what what look like the white cliffs of Dover.

There’s also a poster with the tag line “Live Die Repeat”.


The movie is directed by Doug Liman who did The Bourne Identity and is based on a Japanese novel called All You Need Is Kill. It is released next summer.

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