Captain America The Winter Soldier trailer

Let’s not let the new X-Men trailer overshadow the other new Marvel movie trailer, namely the one for Captain America The Winter Soldier.

In case you didn’t guess this is a cleverly hidden sequel to 2011’s Captain America. Although a look at the trailer makes it seem like Avengers 2. Exhibit A follows…

So multiple SHIELD Helicarriers and Quinjets? Check.
Including spectacular helicarrier crash sequence? Check.
Sam Jackson in his trademark black coat? Check.
Cap? Check.
The improbably lovely Scarlett Johansson in support as the Black Widow? Check, check, check! I’m there already!
Oh, and the Winter Soldier, who is actually… Never mind.

It’s nice to see a nod to the Cap of the comics with the line “This isn’t freedom, this is fear,” reflecting how the modern world fails to live up to Steve’s old-fashioned ideals.

So in summary, Scarlett is in it.