Books for March 2012

Quite a few books that I am interested in have been appearing lately.

The main one I’m looking forward to is The American Spy by Olen Steinhauer, the third in his Milo Weaver “Tourist” series. I’m waiting on my copy from Amazon.

I’ve just bought The Bloody Meadow by William Ryan. This is a mystery set in 1930s Russia where the detective character has to not only hunt for a murder but survive Stalin’s purges. It’s a follow up to The Holy Thief that I read last year and enjoyed.

(Incidentally there seems to be a bit of a sub-genre with mysteries set in Stalinist Russia. There’s a series by Tom Rob Smith, but to be honest I found the books to be a bit overrated. There’s another series by Sam Eastland that I liked, although Stalin does come across a bit like a mildly eccentric uncle.)

Also just out is the paperback of A Dance With Dragons, the fifth volume of George R R Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. Or I should say paperbacks as the publisher has split the thing in two as it is so long. Clever, it means they can charge £8.99 each. However I paid £7 for both in ASDA. Of course I still have to read the first four. I’m presently approaching the mid-point of the first volume A Game of Thrones.

I’ve also picked up a non-fiction book called Scram! about helicopter pilots in the 1982 Falklands War.