Blade Runner Blu Ray UK box set

I already have Blade Runner on DVD.

Actually I got the single disk release of the 1992 Director’s Cut and then later got the 2007 25th anniversary tin box set with five (Yes! Five!) different versions of the film including the then new Final Cut. That set also came with an epic making-of called Dangerous Days which is packed with unused footage and puts most other DVD extras to shame.

Oh, and I also bought the two disk version of the Final Cut later on in a second hand shop because I liked the Drew Struzan art on the cardboard slip case thing.

So now I discover it’s coming out on blu ray in the UK next month. If I had any sense I would give it a miss. The actual content of the disks seems to be the same as the previous box set. However the people who decide what to include in box sets have thrown in a couple of physical extras that have caught my eye.

Firstly there is a 72 page art-of book. Now, in reality it’s probably a very small ‘book’ but I like art-ofs as much as making-ofs. And then we come to the second item: a model of a police Spinner! All of a sudden I’m interested. I remember seeing little die-cast Spinners in a toy shop back when I was a kid in 1982. If the model looks anyway decent I think I might bite.

Here’s a photo of all the stuff in the set.