Battlestar Galactica Vault preview

While browsing some online book shops today I made a discovery that immediately goes onto my “I will buy this” list. A new publication with the slightly unwieldy title Battlestar Galactica Vault: The Complete History of the Series, 1978-2012 by Paul Ruditis goes on sale on 23 October 2014, at least in the UK

Here’s the cover image, although I suppose it may be one of those “subject to change” deals…


I believe that the same publishers put out the Alien Vault and Terminator Vault in recent years. Those were good quality publications with a generous selection of photos and accessible text about the making of the movies in those franchises. It’s worth mentioning that the Alien book concentrated on Ridley Scott’s first Alien movie and the Terminator book similarly concentrated on the two Terminator movies made by James Cameron. It will be interesting to see how this new book can squeeze in content on the 1978 series and the long running remake.

Heres the blurb…

JOURNEY BEHIND THE SCENES WITH THE SERIES’ CREATORS. For over thirty years, science-fiction fans have been enthralled by Battlestar Galactica and the captivating saga of humanity’s war with the chilling Cylons. From its innovative special effects to its controversial storylines, the franchise has fascinated generations of viewers.

Now, drawing on unique insights from the original producer, Glen A. Larson, and exclusive interviews with David Eick and Ronald D. Moore – creators of the series’ acclaimed reimagining – Battlestar Galactica Vault offers a complete visual history of the show’s evolution, from 1978’s ‘Saga of a Star World’ to spin-offs Caprica and Blood & Chrome.

Featured herein are concept artwork by legendary artist Ralph McQuarrie, annotated scripts and storyboards, candid behind-the-scenes photography, and ten meticulously reproduced pieces of memorabilia for readers to remove and examine.

Stunningly illustrated and fully authorised, Battlestar Galactica Vault is the ultimate celebration of a series that changed TV sci-fi forever.

So that’s ticking lots of boxes for me. It’s nice to see that in addition to coverage of the original show and the “reimagined” series there is to be content on the various spin-offs. One expects that it will probably cover Galactica 1980 as well – decide for yourself if that is good or bad! Hopefully the book will give some coverage on the Bryan Singer version of the series that had reached preproduction and was then cancelled around 2001.

And it’s great to see artist Ralph McQuarrie get a mention there. I’m hoping for some good sized reproductions of his art.

And a nice photo of Maren Jensen as Athena wouldn’t go amiss.

And shockingly 23 October is just a month and a half away.