Back to the Future day DeLorean musings

Today is of course Back to the Future day, the day that Marty McFly traveled to in 2015. And it got me thinking about the DeLorean and how it was in multiple places at the same time in the movies.

Specifically it is in four places at once on the day of the Fish under the Sea dance, 12 November 1955.


1 – The original Delorean from 1985 arrived back in 1955 with Marty McFly making his first visit. Marty initially hid it at the entrance to Lyon Estates which was under construction. Later Doc Brown recovered it and stored it in his workshop for a week until the night of the Fish Under the Sea Dance.

2 – A ‘borrowed’ Delorean from 2015 arrived in the afternoon of 12 November 1955 so Old Biff could give the Almanac to Young Biff on the day of the Fish Under the Sea Dance. The Location where he parked it is unknown.

3 – Doc and Marty traveled back from Bad 1985 to 12 November 1955 in order to stop Biff using the Almanac and changing the future. They hid the car at the entrance to Lyon Estates.

4 – While all this is going on the broken DeLorean that took Doc back to the Old West was stored in a disused mine for 70 years from 1885 to 1955, so it’s still there while the events of BTTF2 are unfolding.

So in summary there’s a DeLorean in Doc’s workshop, one in a disused mine, one at the entrance to Lyon Estates and another one unaccounted for.

The same car in four places, all at the same time.

Great Scott!

At least I’m thinking fourth-dimensionally.