Author Websites

Here are some of the author websites that I created for my own amusement while learning some HTML & CSS along the way. From looking at the subject matter of the page my interest in books should become apparent.

Craig Thomas – The Unofficial Companion

I started my Craig Thomas page back in August 1997. Basically I had been fruitlessly searching the (early) web for information about my favourite author, and finding no useful pages I decided to create my own.

The site contains a summary of Craig Thomas’ 18 published novels along with my timeline of the books and a table of character appearances. Each individual novel page contains various cover images.



I’m not sure when I started my Gerald Seymour page to be honest, except that it was probably in 2000. Seymour was and is my ‘other favourite author’ so it was fairly inevitable that I would get around to page on his books.

The site contains pages on each of the novels and gets updates each year or so with my review of the latest book as it is published.


The Joe Poyer Checklist

I discovered a few of Joe Poyer’s novels back in 1994 while browsing through a second-hand bookshop, by which time they were already long out of print. They caught my eye because the subject matter seemed to be not a million miles from that of my favourite thriller author, Craig Thomas.

Eventually I managed to collect all the Poyer novels and enjoyed them immensely. I started the “checklist” page to alert more readers about to this excellent and sadly out of print author.


Fleming’s Bond


This is another webpage that I started that I’m a little bit unclear about when I started it, although I’m pretty sure it was around 1999. It grew out of my enjoyment of the Ian Fleming novels, specifically the 1960s Pan paperbacks that I had managed to collect.

The site focuses on the Fleming books with some coverage of the other authors that have written continuation books.


The Art of Danger


Finally I have a general Thriller site at I had used that as the title for the Gerald Seymour page but when I bought the domain it seemed a pity to stop using the old one.