Alistair MacLean paperback finds

This weekend while browsing the books in a second-hand shop I picked up a few Alastair Maclean paperbacks from the early 1980s, namely The Satan Bug, The Dark Crusader, Circus and Bear Island. They were very cheap and in very good condition so I was happy to add them to the collection. Here are a few cover scans.
The Dark Crusader by Alistair MacLean Circus by Alistair MacLean Bear Island by Alistair MacLean

The dynamic art featured on the covers above are very much like the kind of art one used to see on movie posters (back when movie posters had art in them) with various characters and situations being displayed in a montage. I like them.

Later in the 1980s all the Maclean books published by Fontana paperbacks in the UK would be given wrap-around cover art by the artists Paul Wright and Vicente Segrelles. In contrast these covers would usually show a moment from the novel, normally depicting a ship or aircraft and would rarely show any human figures.

I have a feeling I’ll be looking out for more of these “montage” covers as I have decided to call them.

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