Agent Pierce from Burn Notice aka Lauren Stamile

Over the last year or two I was introduced to the solid piece of TV entertainment that is Burn Notice. The show is set in Miami and features Michael Westen, a former CIA spy who was “burned” by the Agency. He spends each season getting closer to the truth about why he was burned, and also manages to help people.

The opening credits are endlessly quotable, and the show has given us such memorable lines like “Chuck Finlay is forever”.

Anyway, on to the reason for this post. The recently completed season 5 gave me an additional reason to watch the show, namely Michael’s new CIA handler Agent Pierce as played by Lauren Stamile. I kind of liked her in a vague way to start with but by the middle of the season I was watching out for her and hoping she would be in the episode.

Therefore Lauren is the first recipient of my occasional “I Like Her, She’s Pretty” award.