Agent Carter episodes 2 and 3 musings

Ok, I managed not to write a post about episode two. So instead this post is not going to be a complete recap on episode two and three. Instead I’m just going to write some general musings about the two latest episodes.

Episode two did have an amusing little conceit where at various points in the episode the viewer gets to look in on the making of a very 1940s Captain America radio play. We see Peggy annoyed at how tacky and unrealistic the show is, although Jarvis seems to enjoy it. The joke pays off when Peggy goes to question the driver of the milk truck containing the stolen Stark weapon from the first episode. The visuals of her fight are set again the sound effects produced by the people on the radio show.

Episode three in particular included quite a great deal of Jarvis. In fact the show is quickly developing into the “Peggy and Jarvis Adventure Hour”. And it is amusing to me that two so very English characters are heading a very American show about the origin of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We also get a little bit of back story about Jarvis when it is revealed that apparently he was accused of treason. Peggy later insists he tells her the details if she is to work with him. It turns out that, against orders, he used a forged document to get a Jewish woman to safety in the war. Stark used his influence to get Jarvis out of trouble. So this tells us about Jarvis’s character and also his loyalty to Stark.

At one point in episode 3 Peggy and Jarvis find a boat filled with Stark weapons. Peggy tells Jarvis to make an anonymous phone call to alert the SSR. His attempt at being American is a highlight of the episode.

Lyndsy Fonseca as Angie. Borderline annoying, but I think it’s good acting.

Outside of the secret agent shenanigans we get to see Peggy move into a “women only” residence with her waitress pal Angie.

I have to say that Angie is borderline annoying and at this point it could go either way. If I didn’t know better I’d think the actress was just, well, annoying. But I’ve seen Lyndsy Fonseca in Nikita and she wasn’t annoying in that. In fact I grew quite fond of her character Alex. So I’m putting the annoyingness down to Lyndsy’s, well, good acting.

Throughout the two episodes we get hints about the organisation called Leviathan that employed the no-voicebox assassins. One surprise moment comes when a fellow agent of Peggy’s is assassinated along with a potential witness to the Stark theft, presumably by Leviathan agents. This will obviously have repercussions for Peggy’s secret missions as her SSR colleagues close in on her.

So I am continuing to enjoy the show. It’s the highlight of my weekend TV viewing.