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My fifth and final update of the day is the subscriber’s special issue of the USS Enterprise-D from the alternate future as seen in the final episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, All Good Things.

That’s quite a mouthful.

Basically the makers of the show stuck an extra engine nacelle and some other do-dads onto the USS Enterprise-D that they had used for seven years in the show. Ironically they ended up destroying the ship in it’s very next appearance in Star Trek Generations.

Photos follow:

allgoodthings1 allgoodthings2 allgoodthings3


Star Trek Starships 11 USS Reliant

And finally we get to one of my favourite Star Trek Ships, the USS Reliant from what remains my favourite Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Khan. That movie made a big impression on me as a kid and as a result the design of the Reliant has always influenced what I thought a star-ship should look like.

Fortunately this model has turned out well. A comparison with the Excelsior model is interesting. Counterintuitively the ‘smaller’ ship (the Reliant) gets a bigger model than the ‘larger’ ship (the Excelsior) because of the ratio of length to breadth and the standard box size.

Once more there is an issue with the model not wanting to stay on the stand so be careful. (It’s a bit bewildering that the makers of this series can make some models stay on their stand very well such as the Enterprise NX-01 or the USS Defiant, yet other models are a lot looser and take little encouragement to fall off.)

But again the detail is pretty nice and is a big improvement on the Enterprise Refit model that came in issue 2. Note the “Aztec” pattern and the individually numbered shuttle bays.

Now I’m off to quote lines like “Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

reliant1 reliant2 reliant3

reliant4 reliant5 reliant6

reliant7 reliant8


Star Trek Starships 10 Borg Sphere

Right, this is going to be a short post. There’s no point in taking lots of photos of the next ship as it’s the Borg Sphere from Star Trek First Contact, and a sphere kind of looks like a sphere whichever way you look at it.

I’ve taken a couple of photos to highlight the asymmetrical green blobs.

Otherwise it’s a sphere.

borg1 borg2

Star Trek Starships 9 USS Defiant

Moving quickly on, here is the model of the USS Defiant from the third Star Trek TV show Deep Space Nine.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of the design. It just doesn’t look like a Federation ship to me. In fact I don’t really think it looks much like anything.

The model does a decent job of representing the design. I suppose. And there’s detail and stuff.

Sorry, but I’m really not a fan of this design…

On to the photos:

defiant3 defiuant5 defiant4

defiant2 defiant1

Star Trek Starships 8 USS Excelsior

I’ve finally got around to taking some photographs of the latest Star Trek Starships models. So here is the first of five new posts, this one featuring the USS Excelsior from Star Trek III The Search for Spock.

The Excelsior was a brand new design for that movie and represented the next step up from Constitution-class ships like the Enterprise. Indeed after the Enterprise was destroyed in that movie many fans would have assumed that Kirk and his crew would be given the Excelsior in the next movie.

Eventually a decade later the Enterprise-B was revealed to be an Excelsior class ship in the seventh movie.

Here are some photos of the model. It’s a bit smaller than I would have liked but the size of the model is constrained by the standard box size they are using for most of these models. The Excelsior is a very long ship so it ends up being a small narrow model. At least there’s some “Aztec” pattern on the hull.

Be warned, this is another model that does not want to stay on its stand. Otherwise it is a decent representation of the ship with the caveat that I would have liked it to be a bit bigger.

excelsior5 excelsior2 excelsior8

excelsior7 excelsior6 excelsior4


Edge of Tomorrow trailer and poster

I just discovered this trailer for a movie called Edge of Tomorrow on YouTube last night and it has quickly gone on my list of anticipated moves for 2014.

The trailer shows some impressive future war shenanigans but what really grabs my attention is the (possibly Philip K Dick) influenced time loop along the lines of Groundhog Day or Source Code.

I’m a big fan of this years Tom Cruise sci-fi movie, Oblivion, so that’s another good sign.

And Emily Blunt is in it. This is turning into a no brainer.

Also note the use of (a deserted?) London what what look like the white cliffs of Dover.

There’s also a poster with the tag line “Live Die Repeat”.


The movie is directed by Doug Liman who did The Bourne Identity and is based on a Japanese novel called All You Need Is Kill. It is released next summer.

Revolution season 2 episode 9 review

The episode begins with Miles, Rachel and Charlie resolving to rescue Aaron Google from the clutches of Zeljko Ivanek. They approach the Patriot base with guns, ready to turn Patriots into toast. But they are surprised to see lots of dead Patriots lying around. It would appear that Aaron has worked his firefly nanite mojo on them after Zeljko Ivanek ordered his henchmen to stab Aaron’s lady friend.

Inside they find more dead Patriots and no Aaron. They find a hole in a wall leading to a tunnel and assume that Aaron left that way. They follow.

Meanwhile discovering the carnage Zeljko Ivanek orders some more henchmen to go after Aaron.

At the other end of the tunnel Miles, Rachel and Charlie exit somewhere outside the walls of the town. Rachel wants to go back and help Stephen Collins but Miles insist she comes with him. They hook up with Monroe and Miles is annoyed that Monroe let Aaron get caught. Monroe just wants to know where his mystery son is and then he’s leaving. Miles begs for help from Monroe and shows him his badly infected arm.

Aaron wakes up in a school building. His lady friend is lying next to him and is alive. Aaron is pleased at this development. But he doesn’t know how he got to the school. Then he realises some kid is standing looking at him. At which point I immediately think “that kid is a figment of Aaron’s increasingly deluded imagination.”

(Oh, by the way, there’s a picture of Stephen King on the wall along with some other authors. Yes, I get it. The Stand. Again.)

Aaron talks to the kid and the kid says he’s actually the nanite hive mind. Somehow Aaron woke them up when he was trying to turn the electricity on. (Or off. Remember, back in the tower? It was one of the two… It was on. No wait, it was off, definitely. Or was it on…)

Anyway, the point is that the nanites became sentient and they have been doing what Aaron wants, e.g. killing folk or healing them. Aaron insists he didn’t want anyone toasted. This confuses the firefly kid and he says Aaron had been thinking of killing so that’s what they nanites did. Aaron gets angry and tells the kid to go.

Zeljko Ivanek turns up with his goons and they invade the school building. Miles and his gang follow and get into scrapes. Zeljko Ivanek corners Aaron and orders Aaron to cure his brain tumour. When Aaron doesn’t cure his head Zeljko shoots Aarons lady friend. Then the firefly kid turns up and Aaron orders him to kill Zeljko. And quicker than you can say “you’re toast” we get one toasty Zeljko Ivanek.

Then the kid asks if Aaron wants the lady friend healed and of course Aaron says yes. But the kid is confused. You told me to go so I’ll go, he says and promptly vanishes leaving Aaron with an ex-lady friend. Aaron is understandably upset by this development.

Elsewhere Miles is not well (the whole infected arm thing he has going on) and is about to confess his love to Rachel, as backed up by some flashbacks where he unconvincingly said he didn’t love her.

This week’s Tom Neville story has him escort his new Patriot buddy to a steam train to the White House. Along the way he is surprised to see his wife with some Patriots. He gets her along and she explains she was not in Atlanta when the bombs fell and married a Patriot to survive.  Tom Neville is simultaneously pleased and not pleased by this development.

So in summary we finally have some answers to why Aaron has his firefly super powers. I predict we’ve not seen the last of firefly kid.