Revolution episode 2.8 review

This episode begins with Miles interrogating some hapless Patriot solder for information on where the Patriots are based.

Charlie secretly watches the Culp Patriot guy speaking to the townsfolk. He blames miles and Aaron the bomb that went off last week. Stephen Collins is there and he goes along with the lies and speaks against Miles and Aaron. However he says that Rachel and Charlie are victims and were manipulated and please don’t hurt them.

Aaron and Monroe are hanging out on an old boat waiting for Miles.

Charlie returns to Rachel. She tells them that Truman (Culp) told everyone who Miles really is. The “Stu” identity from Stephen King’s The Stand is now blown. Did you see grandfather asks Rachel. Charlie confirms he was with the Patriots. They all agree that they have to get out of town as the Patriots will never stop looking for Aaron.

Back East Tom Neville approaches a patriot base. He asks for the local Boss Patriot Dude. He tells the Boss that he has Mrs Boss, i.e. the Patriot Lady he has been traveling with. She is now a fugitive from the Patriots because of her “don’t brainwash my son” attitudes. Neville offers to take the Boss to see her,

Miles watches Stephen Collins being brought to Zeljko ‘secret base. Zeljko wants to start executing people if it gets him Aaron. He’s clearly nuts. Stephen Collins suggests the boat place to save anyone getting assassinated by Zeljko.

Charlie and Rachel talk about Stephen Collins betraying them to the Patriots.  Charlie says she does not blame him which surprises Rachel. Charlie admits she hated Rachel for stuff.

Back on Aarons secret boat hideout the Teacher Lady is asking him hard questions.  Question number 1 is “Did you kill Carl?” This is in reference to her creep of a husband. Aaron admits toasting said creep. She’s annoyed he lied to her. She needs to think. I’ll say. After all, her new boyfriend can toast people by calling down the fireflies of doom.

Rachel and Charlie are making something in the kitchen. But it isn’t something edible. It’s a binary gas that will assassinate people in a closed space. What if grandpa is there? asks Charlie. Rachel doesn’t have a good answer for that one.

Monroe leaves the Aaron boat and sees some Patriots come. He kills loads of them. But more come. “You they won’t kill,” Monroe tells Aaron heroically before running off.  Aaron and the Teacher Lady are captured and Aaron is drugged!

This week’s Lost flashback is about Zeljko. It’s years before the blackout and his father is praying for his wife to get better. Zeljko wants to give her medicine but his father doesn’t go in for all that modern medicine rubbish. Inevitability she dies and Zeljko gets a slap for secretly giving her medicine.



Back in the present Charlie blows a dog whistle to call away some dogs guarding Zeljko’s secret base. Meanwhile Rachel goes up exterior stairs to the roof to drop her binary gas containers down a chimney that one hopes goes right to Zeljko‘s secret office and not the local Patriot crèche.

Just then Steven Collins arrives at the secret base! What will Rachel do? Continue on to the roof it seems.

Next a Cart with Aaron and the Teacher Lady turns up and they are brought inside where they are shocked to see Stephen Collins in cahoots with Zeljko.

Up on the roof Rachel is about to drop the gas containers but Miles turns up in the nick of time with the news that Aaron was brought inside.

Downstairs Zeljko tells Stephen Collins to go and then starts torturing Aaron with a scalpel. “Arg!” replies Aaron, somewhat understandably.

Back east we check in on Jason the T-800 and the Patriot Lady. She tries to get free. Terminator  Jason chokes her in robotic way like he’s lost control. He starts ranting about Sarah Connor. No, not really. Tom eventually returns with the Boss Husband guy. She wants to run away and he’s thinking about it. But Tom Neville is at his ear whispering “kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!” Boss Husband succumbs and shoots her to protect himself from his bosses.

Miles and the gang capture Stephen Collins. He explains how he was turned to the Patriot cause, you know, the whole cholera thing from last week. Just then patriot Culp turns up! The place is surrounded. Stephen Collins offers to delay Culp so the others get away. He walks out and pulls a knife on Culp.

Back in Zeljko‘s secret basement of doom Aaron’s cuts heal with CGI. Aaron says he can’t control it. Zeljko says he has a tumour in his brain and needs the Aaron nanite cure. Zeljko wants to see if Aaron can heal another so brings in the Teacher Lady and gets a bad man to stab her.


Revolution episode 2.7 review

At the end of the last episode Monroe had apparently been executed by lethal injection although we saw Rachel start digging him up. Unsurprisingly Monroe is still alive as Rachel has given him one of those “simulate death” injections. Rachel has done this because the gang needs Monroe’s big knife fighting skills and also because Charlie asked her to. Monroe meanwhile is still hung up on the “Miles knows about the son I didn’t know I had” situation.

Aaron and Aaron’s Lady Friend are walking along the street bemoaning the fact that the Patriots are deciding what books she is allowed to use in school, always a sure sign of a fascist dictatorship.

Suddenly an explosion blows something up and body parts are strewn across the street. Except for Aaron and the lady friend who are totally ok, just a bit shaken, but all body parts intact.

Steven Collins blames the patriots for planting the bomb even though we have discovered he is an ally of sorts with the Patriots. They meanwhile are blaming the non-existent Andover clan members who were being bad at the start of the season, before the Patriots whipped them out.


I was trying to think of a witty caption for the photo but all I can come up with is “gosh, Charlie is pretty!”

Zeljko Ivanek from Heroes turns up and wants to talk to Rachel. He knows her because he worked in the DOD alternate energies projects back before the blackout. He is now the president’s scientific advisor. He to talk about the nanites that caused the blackout and he is actually the one who sent out the wanted poster of Rachel. He shows Rachel a photo of the soldiers who got toasted by the fireflies thinking that if it connected to the nanites then Rachel will know. She realises he will go after Aaron next.

Back at the house she talks to Miles about hiding Aaron with Monroe in the secret house outside town that Monroe is hiding in. But in another room Stephen Collins hears everything.

In a Lost-style flashback we see Stephen Collins and the townsfolk dispose of bodies of people who died of cholera, his wife among them. Some mysterious dude turns up with a vial of cholera vaccine and promises Stephen Collins more if he helps the Patriots.

Back east we see Tom Neville cut his son loose despite the Patriot Lady shouting “he’s a terminator, he can’t be reasoned with!” or words to that effect.

Back in Texas Miles signals Monroe with a mirror, I guess using Morse code to send the message “Aaron and his lady friend are coming to visit”

In another flashback we see some nasty Patriots water-boarding some unfortunate dude. Stephen Collins is present as he has to bring the guy back to consciousness when he blacks out. Stephen Collins is not happy about this development.

In the present Stephen Collins goes to Miles and Rachel and says he overheard them. He offers to get Aaron out of town in a cart that has some secret compartment big enough for an Aaron sized person.

Back east Tom Neville and Jason encounter some other cadets and kill them.

Zeljko Ivanek from Heroes asks Stephen Collins about Aaron. He’s interested in the whole coming back from the dead situation. He’s finally putting two and two together!  Zeljko threatens the townsfolk if Stephen Collins doesn’t tell him what he wants to know. Finally Stephen Collins is forced to admit that Aaron is controlling the machines.

Stephen Collins and the patriot soldiers lie in wait at the “get Aaron out of town” rendezvous site. Luckily Miles is watching and sees Stephen Collins with the soldiers. He now knows that Stephen Collins is one of them.

Back east the Patriot Lady wants to find her brainwashed son now that she sees Jason is ok and back to normal. Well, except for the cyborg implants. Just kidding. Tom Neville gives her a drink and she passes out

Back in Texas Aaron and the lady friend get out of town using plan B, a sewer pipe, but are captured. Monroe turns up with his big knives and kills the soldiers. Then in a shock development yet more guards appear. This sets off Aarons Hulk-Out, also known as the fireflies. They toast the guards.

I should mention that the Teacher Lady is freaked out by the whole toasting people with fireflies development.

Back in town soldiers are searching for Miles Rachel and Charlie.

Star Trek Starships 7 Klingon Ktinga Class Battle Cruiser

Here are a few photos of the model that comes with issue 7 of the Star Trek Starships Collection, the Klingon Ktinga Class Battle Cruiser. This is the update of the Klingon design that was seen at the start of Star Trek The Motion Picture way back in 1979.

I was looking forward to this one so I was disappointed to get a “wonky” one. Well, have a look at the first photo and you’ll see what I mean…

On the plus side the detail is decent and the model actually manages to stay on its stand.

20131118-195521.jpg 20131118-195532.jpg

20131118-195514.jpg 20131118-195526.jpg 20131118-195537.jpg 20131118-195545.jpg

Next up is the USS Excelsior from Star Trek III and Star Trek VI.

Revolution season 2 episode 6 review

This episode picks up right after the last one where Monroe had just assassinated John Fry of Texas. Monroe and Miles fake evidence to blame the Patriots. Shortly the Texas Rangers appear looking for John Fry and when they find the body they leave.

Stephen Collins is annoyed with the fake grining that is going on between Rachel and Charlie. They still have not made up after the whole “Charlie brought back Monroe alive” situation.


Monroe is in his secret house outside town. He captures and interrogates another Patriot soldier and gets some good intel.

Back east Tom Neville and the patriot lady are on the run. She tells him about the brainwashed cadets the patriots produce. Tom’s son is one of the cadets. They get attacked by cadets and have to run.

Rachel and Miles argue about using Monroe and his methods to fight a war of resistance against the Patriots.

Monroe is hanging out in his secret house when a grenade is thrown in. He runs outside only to be surrounded. Surprisingly the Patriots and Texas Rangers are working together and capture Monroe in his formerly secret hideout. And after the trouble he took to frame the patriots! I hate when that happens…

A convoy approaches the town and the townsfolk look on. Monroe has been brought in a cage. Miles and Charlie are annoyed by this development.


Aaron Google is sitting in a bar doodling on an old Human Torch comic. (Human Torch, fireflys, toasted patriots… Get it?) A Press lady sits next to him and remembers doing a feature on Aaron before the blackout. She explains how she is here with the Texas boss guy to write about an alliance between the Texas government and the Patriots. A rudimentary newspaper industry has got going as politicians still like to read about themselves.

Meanwhile Miles is thinking about how to break Monroe out of jail.

The first Lost-style flashback shows us Miles and Monroe after the blackout but before he started a fascist dictatorship. The discuss attacking another camp to get food.

Miles is all set to bust Monroe out of jail but before he knows it he sees Monroe being moved to the bank which will be harder to break him out of.
Rachel says she tipped them off to prevent Miles and Charlie getting caught or killed by the Patriots. Monroe is to be executed at midnight.

Tom Neville and the Patriot lady fight with Tom’s son in some old building. The manage to capture Jason who is all brainwashed and doing a Terminator thing.

Another flashback. Monroe’s girlfriend is pregnant and dies in childbirth. Flashback Monroe is upset by this development.

Miles visits Monroe in his makeshift cell. Monroe is resigned to die and tells miles that he has a son that he didn’t know about with Miles’ girlfriend. Miles tells Monroe he knows. The girlfriend told miles about the baby and he got the kid safely away from Monroe. Monroe is upset by this development.

But he doesn’t have too much time to dwell on it as he is taken to the courtroom to get his lethal injection. And none other than Rachel and Stephen Collins are there to administer the dose. Monroe dies. Miles and Charlie look slightly upset.

In the final flashback Miles discovers that Monroe attacked the other camp and executed everyone.

Tom and his son talk. Jason says he’s a T-800 sent back from the future by Skynet to kill Sarah Conner. Ok, not really.

The big shock is that it turns out that Stephen Collins is helping the Patriots and informed on Monroe to stop the war between Texas and the Patriots. He’s also doing this to protect Rachel and Miles.

Zeljko Ivanek turns up in town. I point out that he played bad guys in 24 and Heroes. Also his cart has the all-seeing-eye logo that the Patriots use. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that he plays a Really Bad Man.

Outside town Rachel digs up Monroe. Who isn’t actually dead.

I knew it.

Star Trek Starships 6 USS Voyager photo review

Issues 6 and 7 of the Star Trek Starships Collection arrived a few days ago and as usual I will do my photo reviews. First up is issue 6 which features the USS Voyager from the Star Trek Voyager TV show that premiered in early 1995.

I should declare from the outset that Star Trek Voyager was never my favourite Star Trek TV show, although it did improve when it reached the fourth season.

Additionally the USS Voyager was one of my least favourite ship designs. The magazine that accompanies the model does show some of the other much better designs which almost made it to screen before the makers decided to change their minds. I would say that the pre-production ship design section is one of the most interesting things about the magazine.

Allowing for my lack of enthusiasm for the show and the ship I wold say this is a decent model of the Voyager. It’s a good size although it seems lighter than the Enterprise NX-01 model.

20131110-120127.jpg 20131110-120138.jpg

20131110-120146.jpg 20131110-120155.jpg

20131110-120203.jpg 20131110-120210.jpg

The other model that arrived was the Klingon battle cruiser from the opening of Star Trek The Motion Picture which I will cover in a later post.

Thor The Dark World Review


I saw Thor The Dark World (aka Thor 2 in my head) last Thursday evening. I enjoyed the movie very much and will put down a few thoughts about it here.

Chris Hemsworth is back as Thor accompanied by his fellow Asgardians with of course Anthony Hopkins as Odin. The villains this time out are the Dark Elves lead by Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith. They just want to end the universe using some Aether. Anthony Hopkins’s Odin gives a voice over at the start of the movie where we see some a fight between Asgard and the Dark Elves. To his credit Hopkins doesn’t burst out laughing over his dialog. It all feels like they’re going for that scene from the first The Lord of the Rings movie where we see ye olde battle.

The majority of the movie seems to take place in Asgard or the other “realms”. Actually I’m not sure if a “realm” is just another planet or if it’s some kind of whole other universe. In any event there is a good chunk of Asgard action as well as scenes on at least one other planet. The Asgard sequences are certainly impressive and it is a movie that should be enjoyed on the big screen as a result.

Natalie Portman is back as Jane Foster, for some reason transplanted to London for no apparent reason. While the majority of the movie’s action is on Asgard pretty much all the remaining Earth set action is based in London and to their credit they film makers don’t overuse the traditional London locations like big Ben, etc.

The big climactic fight takes place in Greenwich and to explain why the fate of the universe depends on a battle in Greenwich they have Stellan Skarsgård drawing a few random lines on the map and saying “look, we need to go to Greenwich” or words to that effect. In reality the movie was being made in British studios and I guess they wanted to use London and save some airfare money. But I’m fine with that, it’s a nice change to the usual New York or Los Angeles.

The final battle is good fun with weird portals opening and closing between the “realms” which creates some interesting visuals.

Most of the supporting cast are also back including Stellan Skarsgård as Dr Selvig and Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis. Skarsgård‘s role seemed to me to be reduced from last time and if anything he is used even more for comic relief now. I remain fond of Darcey simply because of her inability to pronounce the name of Thor’s hammer and instead calls it “mew-mew”.

Of course Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is back to steal the show. There’s a brilliant little moment where Loki and a character called Kurse regard each other in the Asgardian prison and Hiddleston just cocks his head to the side and I thought, “that’s Loki!”

The movie knows it’s bonkers and has a bit of fun with the outlandish situations. One of my favourite moments takes place in the London Tube.

I would suggest that a movie-goer new to the Marvel universe at least watch Thor first.

As usual there are some after-credits scenes, the first of which looked horribly cheap and tacked onto the main movie.

Revolution Season 2 Episode 5 Review

So finally here is my much delayed review/summary of Revolution season 2 episode 5.

The episode begins with Charlie and Monroe on a roof checking things out with binoculars. They see a bunch of Patriot soldiers and that gigantic US flag.

The Boss Patriot is shown the toasted guards that Aaron Google zapped with his dream fireflies at the end of the last episode. (And how often do I get to write a sentence like that?) The Boss Patriot is probably not happy with this development.

Meanwhile Aaron Google tells Miles about what he saw in his dream (see above). Aaron is clearly upset by this development. Aaron insists to Miles that he saw it and did it. Miles tells him to “dial back the crazy”.

Texas Rangers arrive on horseback. There is a standoff between the Rangers and the Patriots. The Texas Rangers are led by a guy called John Fry and if he looks familiar it’s because he was Uncle Bobby in Supernatural. Miles recognises John Fry from trying to assassinate him back in the days of the Monroe Republic. Now he needs him to help fight the patriots.

Over in the Refugee Camp Tom Neville sees a cart taking some people to what is supposedly a better camp. Neville is given orders to escort the Patriot Lady somewhere.

Back in Texas Miles meets John Fry who has just had a chat with the Patriot leaders. They told him that they are just staying around to mop up the Andover clan and will leave when it is over. Miles shares the information that the Patriots launched the atomic bombs. John Fry insisted he needs proof that the Patriots are not to be trusted.

After his meeting Miles is walking down the street and is surprised to see Charlie. Miles and Charlie are reunited! They embrace! The moment of joy is short-lived when Charlie shows him wanted poster for Rachel.

Still, Charlie is back!

Right about here JJ Abrams obviously put a note on the script saying something like “This show needs a flashback, like in Lost. Write something with Aaron Google.”

Because we now get an Aaron flashback. He’s just arrived in town and is looking for a teaching job. He meets the lady he ends up with who is running the local school. She suggests that giving a job to someone who smells like booze and doesn’t smile would scare the kids. Really, she makes some good points. Aaron kind of begs in a pathetic demeaning way.

In the present Aaron packs a bag! Aaron is leaving!

Charlie takes Miles to meet Monroe. This goes down as well as one would expect. There’s some homoerotic glaring going on between the two. Monroe asks for truce to pay the Patriots back for nuking Philly.

New Season Teacher Lady is looking for Aaron. He’s gone. Rachel agrees to help her look for him.

We then have the next Lost-style flashback. It looks like Aaron got the job in the school. New Season Teacher Lady gives Aaron a chattering teeth toy. Then in walks Carl, the husband of Teacher Lady. He’s clearly a dick. He’s upset by the rapport between Aaron and Teacher Lady.

Miles and his gang investigate the train carriage from the night before. Patriot soldiers see him and the others.

Back east Tom Neville is escorting the Patriot Lady’s cart through some woods. They meet other Patriot soldier people. Its an ambush! Neville saves Patriot Lady and they run away.

Rachel is helping Teacher Lady look for Aaron and she finds him first. He’s sitting with his chattering teeth toy, not unlike Hamlet holding the skull. Well, to be honest it’s not really anything like that. Aaron finally explains whats bugging him. It happened before, “it” being the whole causing people to burst into flame. He describes how he encountered Carl-the-dick with another woman, after which Carl got aggressive towards Aaron. Shortly thereafter Carl promptly burst into flame.

Meanwhile Patriot Lady is wounded. She tells Tom Neville that the folk being taken to a new camp were actually being taken to a reprogramming centre to be turned into bad-ass soldiers. He snarls that he’s going to leave the bullet in her and makes to leave. Patriot Lady stops him leaving by telling him that his son has been taken off to the reprogramming centre. Where is it, he snarls.

Miles and his gang have a gun battle with the Patriots. As luck would have it they capture the patriot who was working for Titus. He’s the proof they need to take to John Fry.

Aaron has a vision and tells Rachel they need to be somewhere.

The somewhere is the rendezvous for Miles to give the Patriot guy to John Fry so he can spill the beans. They await for John Fry to turn up.

At this point I will interject the observation that Charlie looks hot.

Rachel turns up with Aaron and is predictably not happy to see Monroe. This unhappiness also extends to Charlie for hanging out with Monroe.

John Fry arrives and Miles takes him to the prisoner. Unfortunately the prisoner has killed himself with a cyanide tooth. Damn. I hate when that happens.

Just then a shot is fired and John Fry falls dead. Everyone is shocked, except for Monroe who is of course the one who did it. He says that all they have to do is frame the Patriots for the killing and they’ll get their war.