Next X-Men movie to be Days of Future Past

This is interesting. We were all wondering what the next X-Men movie was going to be called. Would it called X-Men First Class 2? Or how about X-Men Second Class perhaps? It turns out it’s going to be X-Men First Class Days of Future Past. Probably.

Back in 1981 shortly after the Dark Phoenix Saga concluded there was a two issue storyline with the aforementioned title that made a bit of an impact with X-men fans and affected the x-men comic universe. In a nutshell there is a fairly apocalyptic future for the X-men. in the early 21st century mutants have been rounded up or exterminated. most of the familiar faces from the comic are dead. giant sentinel robots patrol and destroy mutants on sight.

One surviving mutant, Kitty Pryde, manages to send her consciousness back to the then-present of 1981 into her younger self. Her job is to try to convince Professor X and the rest of the team that the terrible future awaits and they have a chance to avert it if they can stop Mystique assassinating Senator Kelly.

So in essence is X-Men does The Terminator storyline, three years before The Terminator hit cinema screens. It will be very interesting to see how this translates to cinema screens. We will find out in 2014.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Drama


Here’s an interesting little piece of news that caught my attention this week. The BBC is to make a drama about the creation of Doctor Who in the 1960s for the shows 50th anniversary year.

 Theres not a lot of detail about it yet other than it will be titled An Adventure in Space and Time and will be written by Mark “Co-Creator of Sherlock” Gatiss.

Expect to see it on tv screens around November 2013.

But who will play William Hartnell I wonder…

And surely they have to show the making of the second story. It’s the one that introduced certain fascist pepper pots to the world…

Final Dredd poster appears

A final poster for the new Judge Dredd movie has appeared. And it does exactly what it says on the tin: big photo of Karl Urban as Dredd in front of some Mega-City One city blocks.


The only niggle is the big “3D” splattered below the title. Thats no good for me because my local cinema doesn’t show 3D movies so if this is 3D only I’ll have to wait for the DVD.

Dredd opens in September.

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