The 100 Season 2 Episode 8 Spacewalker review

This week’s episode focuses on one storyline only, that of the Grounder’s demand that Finn be handed over to be executed for the village massacre. So there are no cutaways to Mount Weather for a change.

Clarke returns to the Ark camp escorted by two Grounder horsemen who stay at the gate. She tells everyone the news that there is a truce but only if they give Finn to the Grounders. Some background Ark bods react in a “lets totally lynch mob Finn” sort of way and Finn has to be taken indoors to safety. Really, it’s all a bit Battlestar.


Marcus turns up as he has been freed from the Grounders but Abby wants to stay in charge until she resolves the Finn situation.

They talk to de-reaperised Lincoln to see if the Grounder commander would be open to a compromise. For example perhaps Finn could be tried and sentenced by the Ark people and they could still avoid a war. Beardy Lincoln says the commander has already compromised by just asking for Finn in return for the 18 people he killed. Also he describes how Finn would be executed and its, well, not pleasant, as it involves much burning and chopping and blinding and so forth.

Clarke sneaks off with Finn to hide him away from the camp. They encounter a Grounder who injures Clarke before running off. Finn takes the injured Clarke to the drop ship where they meet up with Bellamy, Raven and Murphy. A group of Grounders find them and Raven goes to shoot Murphy. It turns out she asked him along to see if she could switch him with Finn seeing as he was there at the village massacre as well. Finn stops her. Then Finn (predictably) gives himself up to the Grounders to stop anyone else from being hurt.

Back at the Ark camp they discuss what to do. The Grounders are erecting what looks suspiciously like a stake to burn Finn at within view of the Ark people. Clarke says she wants to go and plead with the commander and Raven gives Clarke a knife to conceal. If it all goes wrong she wants Clarke to kill the commander and maybe Finn can escape in the confusion. Oh, yes… that’s a wonderful plan Raven.

Clarke approaches the commander who refuses to free Finn. Clarke makes the very good point that she was the one who crispy-fried 300 grounders at the end of season 1. For a second I thought the commander might say “good point” and swap Finn for Clarke, but I guess the difference is that Clarke was trying to fight an armed group of Grounders whereas Finn was shooting unarmed ones.

Eventually Clarke realises its futile and asks to say goodbye to Finn and the commander permits her. Clarke goes to Finn for a final kiss, while she surreptitiously stabs him to death in the stomach.

So, hell, this show has gone a long way since the season 1 love triangle shenanigans where Clarke and Finn were getting all smoochy together and Raven was a big jealous head. Finn was arguably one of the four main characters in the show and for the “hero” to be removed in this way at the hands of someone he loves is quite something.

There were also a number of flashback scenes to a year ago on the Ark. Basically Finn gave Raven an unauthorised spacewalk for her 18th birthday. Some equipment malfunctioned and precious air was lost. This, like all crimes on the Ark, was a capital one with the death sentence. As Raven was 18 she would have been floated so Finn put on the spacesuit knowing as a 17 year old he would just get locked up. So I suppose the theme of the episode was one of sacrifice.

Really, I thought Finn’s days were numbered since the village massacre, but it’s a little surprising how he ends up going out. He gets no chance to earn any redemption or die heroically.

So Clarke finally has her truce with the Grounders. Hopefully they’ll set their sights on Mount Weather while their pals still have some bone marrow left.