The 100 season 2 episode 7 review

This episode has a very interesting opening sequence. We see a girl (who we don’t know) waking up in a field of grass. At first she’s shocked at where she is and doesn’t understand how she got there. As she realises that she is not getting sick from the radiation we then see she is outside the door of Mount Weather and cameras are watching her.

Doctor Tori from Battlestar and the vampire looking son of the president are watching her on the cameras. It’s obviously a test of the Ark-Kid-Blood-Treatment Tori has been doing.

Well, you can tell the girl is going to get sick and she does. She bangs the door yelling to be let back in. The Vampire looking son goes to let her back in but Tori asks him, “do you trust her not to talk?” That stops him. As they debate sacrifice for the greater good in the background you can hear the girls cries for help. It chillingly done.

Tori thinks they need to go to the source of the immunity of the 47. The bone marrow of the kids may be the key, but each kid will have to donate to eight bunker people so they will all die in the process. That means that they will have to convince the president to sacrifice the 47.

Back at the Ark crash site we see the original Chancellor and Chancellor Abby debating if they should stay put or leave in advance of the oncoming Grounder attack. Original Chancellor gives the Ark survivors a full-on Battlestar-style Eddie Olmos speech about leaving to find the City of Light he heard about from those people in the Mad Max desert. Chancellor Abby says no decision has been made, but, you know, best pack your things, just in case.

Bellamy finds Clarke and tells her about Lincoln. He and Octavia took the reaper-converted Lincoln to the drop ship. Clarke goes with Bellamy.

At the drop ship we see Lincoln chained up again. Deja vu for Clarke. She’s trying to look at his wounds when he breaks free. They manage to subdue him. Then the Grounder healer dude turns up to warn Octavia about the oncoming Grounder attack, because they saved each other’s life or whatever. He sees Lincoln and goes to treat him but Clarke realises the healer is going to do a mercy killing because the Grounders have no cure for the reaper conversion process. Clarke stops him.


There’s a bit of business at the Ark camp where the former Chancellor and Abby try to overrule each other and get the other arrested. The soldier boss lady sides with Abby and arrests the former Chancellor.

At the drop ship Finn turns up to warn them that the evacuation of the Ark camp is happening. And of course the healer dude sees Finn of the village massacre and they fight.

Lincoln’s heart stops and Clarke has to use CPR to bring him back. Healer dude is impressed. Clarke realises that if they can keep Lincoln alive through the reaper drug withdrawal then they might cure him. This is something the Grounders can’t do so maybe she can negotiate with the Grounders…

At Mount Weather Jasper and some others break into president’s office to see if they can get any info to help them escape. They hack into the president’s laptop and find photos of the Ark crash site which is the first they know that there are Ark survivors.

The Vampire looking son takes the president father to the surface where, thanks to the new treatment, they have a few minutes with the gas masks off. They enjoy the view and the smell of the air and all of that. For a moment I thought the son would leave his father on the surface to die. But the president heads back to the bunker door and says he refueses to allow the the bone marrow operations.

Clarke goes back to the Ark crash site and convinces Abby to let her try to negotiate with the Grounder leader. Eventually Abby lets her.

Clarke meets the Grounder leader lady and tells her she was imprisoned with Anya in Mount Weather and escaped. (She wisely kind of skates over the part about Anya being killed by the Ark people.) the Grounder leader lady get interested when Clarke says she can cure the reaper conversion. She agrees to go with Clarke to the drop ship to check out Lincoln.


They go to the drop ship and there’s a nice little moment where the Grounder leader reacts to seeing the crispy fried Grounders from the end of season 1. They go in just as it looks like Lincoln dies. There’s a standoff between the Ark people and the Grounders. But just as it looks like all is lost Abby zaps Lincoln with the electric pain stick to restart his heart and he’s back and no longer a reaper. Octavia is happy. Clarke’s deal is done.

(It occours to me that the Grounder leader did not actually see Lincoln as a reaper so she’s taking Clarke’s word that he was converted, but I suppose the healer dude saw Lincoln doing the whole reaper thing and he could vouch for them.)

In Mount Weather Jasper is looking for the girl who was part of his gang that helped him break into the president’s office earlier. No one has seen her. Oh dear.

The poor girl has been captured by doctor Tori and is strapped to a table. Tori tells her this won’t hurt a bit. The girl cries that she wants to go home. Thats what we want, says the vampire looking son. Then Tori drills into her to get the bone marrow. It’s perhaps an understatement to say that the girl screams. Now that’s just dark, dark, dark.

And if that’s not a memorable enough ending by itself, how about this… Clarke meets the Grounder leader who says she has one more condition for the deal.

Clarke says anything.

The truce is on if they give Finn to the Grounders to be executed. I saw that one coming.