The 100 Season 2 Episode 6 review

After the explosive climax to the last episode (namely Finn’s massacre of the unarmed civilian Grounders) we jump forward a day or so. Clarke, Finn and the others are back at the Ark crash site. Finn has been given a pardon for, you know, massacring innocent Grounders.

Raven tells Clarke that she has worked out that the Mount Weather people are jamming their radio transmissions and preventing the Ark from contacting any other survivors who made it to Earth. Clarke convinces her mother to go on an expedition to blow up the Mount Weather jamming transmitters.


As they approach their destination the deadly yellow fog appears. Clarke and Finn have to take shelter in the bunker they found before. There Clarke sees the deceased one-eyed grounder that Finn assassinated earlier.

Bellamy and Octavia had also split off from the main group to do some reconnaissance on finding a way into Mount Weather. Octavia finds an overgrown door and they end up in a parking garage inside the mountain.

They and some “red shirt” Ark personnel explore the dark garage and check out the abandoned SUVs which are probably a century old. But they are not alone down there. There’s a nice tense little moment when someone finds a wind up music player that plays Carol of the Bells as reapers approach and attack the red shirts.

Then Lincoln appears. He is a reaper too! So that’s what the Cerberus program is for, to turn Grounders into reapers! Bellamy and Octavia have to figure out a way to stop Lincoln without killing him. Eventually they manage to subdue him. But how can they un-reaper him?

Back on the surface Raven and Abby are sitting out the fog in a tent. Raven realises that one frequency has not been jammed and decrypts it. She’s able to listen in and she hears the Mountain Men refer to the fog as the “veil.” This suggests that the fog is actually a man-made weapon directed at intruders.

Inside the Mount Weather facility Maya is doing very well after being treated with Jasper’s blood for the radiation leak. Doctor Tori from Battlestar thinks she’s even doing well enough to survive outside.

The president says he wants to get the 47 Ark kids they have to volunteer to give blood rather than force them or cage them. We discover that the original plan was to interbreed with them so their descendants may be able to return to the surface.

Maya show Jasper the caged Grounders because she is afraid Jasper and his friends are next. Jasper gets the others to volunteer to give blood to buy time. He correctly surmises that Clarke will try to rescue them.

Elsewhere the two Chancellors have been captured and are forced to fight to the death to balance out Finn’s massacre. A young woman is put in the same room as them as they discuss their guilt and what they need to do to save their people. Marcus feels guilty for culling people on the Ark and is willing to die. The original Chancellor tries to use the girl by threatening her.


But the girl is actually the Grounder commander and thinks Marcus behaved with honour. The guards take the other Chancellor away.

At the end of the episode Clarke is reunited with her mother who has been convinced by Raven to not destroy the jamming equipment. Being able to listen in on the Mountain Men may turn out to be a tactical advantage.

Then the first Chancellor appears. I had the impression he was toast but he has just been sent back to his people to tell them they have two days to leave, presumably meaning leave the Ark crash site.


So it’s a solid episode without being Earth-shattering. I suppose I shouldn’t expect uber-surprising events such as Finn’s massacre in every episode. Still, there were nice revelations that the Mountain Men are apparently responsible for the fog and the reapers. And there are hints of a power struggle brewing between the president and his vampire-looking son who wants to cage the 47.