The 100 season 2 episode 5

Clarke is taken into the Ark camp. at first they think she is a grounder but then Abby (newly appointed as Chancellor number 3) recognises her daughter. Clarke is given medical treatment but is only concerned about the others from the drop-ship namely Bellamy and Finn. She also tells her mother that it was not the Grounders that took their people but the Mountain Men.


The next morning Clarke leaves the medical area and encounters Raven. they are glad to see each other (despite the whole both having a thing for Finn situation) and embrace. As an aside I have to say Raven was looking very well in an attractive sort of way.

Then there is a comotion as some others return to the camp. It’s Bellamy, Octavia and the other wounded girls. Clarke automatically runs over and embraces Bellamy. At first Bellamy hesitates to respond but then hugs her back. I found it to be a surprisingly touching little moment as there was no love lost between these two, indeed they didnt like each other very much. Or as Octavia observes, “Now there’s something I thought I’d never see.”


A big part of the Clarke storyline is how concerned she is that the others are still stuck in Mount Weather. She wants to go and get them out and correct the misapprehension that the Grounders have them. After all Chancellor 2 is off trying to negotiate a peace treaty and get the kids back from the grounders who don’t even have them.

Also Clarke is concerned that Finn and Murphy went off looking for her, again thinking the Grounders have her and the others. Now it’s Abby’s turn to lay down the law. Clarke is forbidden from going looking for Finn. So of course she goes anyway accompanied by Bellamy and Octavia.

In Mount Weather Jasper and the other guy who isn’t Jasper are debating what to do about the disappearance of Clarke. The President tells Jasper that Clarke escaped but of course Jasper is free to go after her. Jasper and the other guy are debating this with Jasper’s bunker girlfriend present in the room. Suddenly bunker girlfriend get sick as there has been a radiation containment breach in the compartment they are in. The exact same compartment… Mmmmmmmmm… Coincidence?

It’s worth mentioning that exposure to radiation acts really quickly on these bunker people. The poor girl is covered in burns within moments. It is all very horrible and it does evoke a tiny bit of sympathy for the plight of the bunker people.

They still need to be stopped though.

So in the medical bay the doctor lady played by Tori from Battlestar Galactica let’s slip there there might just be a theoretical cure for the girl’s condition. They could run her blood through Jasper’s circulatory system which should heal her. Of course Jasper agrees. It works.

Later the president confronts Tori for doing the experiment behind his back. But you can see he’s considering “using” the Ark kids. And it’s certainly implied that the containment breach was no accident.

Elsewhere in the complex good grounder Lincoln is taking part in his own experiment, part of the “Cerberus” program. He’s being injected with some addictive substance and then tortured with the sonic weapon thingie. His endurance impresses the experimenter guy (who has a Twilight vampire look going on). Eventually Lincoln and another captive are made to fight to the death for the next dose of the substance. Lincoln prevails.

As mentioned before Chancellor dude 2 is on a quest to find some Grounders to negotiate with. His captive Grounder leads him to their territory. The Chancellor leaves his weapons as requested and sets the Grounder loose. He promptly gets a kick to the head for his trouble. Later when he comes to he is being thrown in a hole in the grounder camp. But he’s not alone. What’s this? It’s Chancellor number 1…


But we come to the pivotal moment of the episode. One that shows just how dark this show Can and does go. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Finn and Murphy make it to the Grounder camp that the one-eyed Grounder directed them to (before Finn shot him in the head). Remember, they believe that the Grounders are holding the others captive.

There do not appear to be any warrior type Grounders around so under cover of darkness they sneak in and set fire to the food storage building as a distraction so they can search the village. But one of the Grounders sees them. Finn and Murphy take him captive and because they have guns they are able to round up everyone in the village.

As day breaks they are still searching the village but are frustrated at not finding any of their friends. Finn becomes increasingly desperate. He finds some Ark type clothing hanging up and is convinced the villagers have his friends. Eventually he pushes a young girl into the mud and threatens to kill her. This is even too much for Murphy who tells Finn to calm down.

Eventually Finn agrees to leave with Murphy. As they back off one of the Grounders runs out of the stockade trying to get away. Finn seems him run and automatically shoots him. A young grounder is angered by this and rushes at Finn. And Finn shoots him too. Some more run at him and he shoots them down.

Eventually the ground is covered with bodies and cowering Grounder survivors. And just in time to see this are Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia. Once more Clarke has been unable to stop unnecessary bloodshed. “I’ve found you” smiles Finn as Clarke looks on horrified.

Now that is just dark. Remember that Finn is the nominal hero of the story, the voice of reason backing up Clarke against Bellamy’s bad decisions in the first season. And here he is gunning down Grounders in panic. And again, no matter Clarke’s best efforts it seems the two sides are destined to be at war.

This show just continues to impress. There is something to surprise me in every episode. And I appreciate that they are having “good” characters do bad things and “bad” characters do good things. This is something Battlestar Galactica did so well and few other shows bother to do.