The 100 Season 2 Episode 16 Blood Must Have Blood Part II

And so we come to the end of season 2…

The episode opens with an update about where Jaha and this remaining three disciples are. They are in that boat they found and are crossing a big lake or sea of some description. They obviously have been at it for a while because they are all exhausted and suffering from exposure.

Then Jaha spies a light in the distance and exhorts his remaining disciples to row. One of the oars falls out of the boat and the guy who goes after it soon gets munched by some mysterious beastie. The others panic as the beastie attacks and Jaha shows his true colours by pushing a second disciple out of the boat. The beastie thus distracted, Jaha and Murphy make it to the shore.

After last week’s shock betrayal by Lexa only a few of our characters are left in play. Octavia in in the tunnel under the mountain. A body falls into the skip through the disposal chute. I believe I heard Octavia say the name “Fox” which was the name of a girl from the 100 who was in the mountain. So it looks like the bone marrow harvest is back on.

Alas, poor Fox.

Clarke comes into the tunnel. It is fair to say that she and Octavia “exchange words” about the breaking of the alliance.

Then the door opens. It’s Bellamy, Monty, Jasper and Maya in a radiation suit. They all discuss what to do. The decision is made for some to go to former president Dante to see if he can help and the others will try to get Maya some air for the radiation suit as the only safe level of the mountain is level 5.

Back at the Grounder camp Indra talks to the captive Lincoln about what side he is on. He needs to make a decision. She gives him a knife and leaves him to make his choice.

In level 5 the vampire looking guy is in the big eating room with all the citizens of the mountain. He is called to the dorm. There lots of Ark folk are chained up and we can hear drilling noises. New prisoners are being brought in from outside. We see the new arrivals include Abby and Marcus.

Raven is selected as the next victim for the drilling of bone marrow. She is taken to the bench and strapped down. Here comes the drill. Ewwww!!! We saw it go into her leg! Ewwww!!!

Clarke gets to Dante who is alone in his white room. He admits he advised his vampire looking son to do the deal with the Grounders. Clarke takes Dante with her to the control room. Dante takes responsibility for the bone marrow use of the Ark people. “Deliverance comes at a cost; I bear it so they don’t have to,” he says

Murphy is on a beach and is injured. A drone flies over and Jaha promises to get help for Murphy. He runs off after the drone. Murphy is pretty annoyed with Jaha.

Octavia and Maya get to level 5 and hide in a room.

Clarke makes it to the control room where Monty can show her the different parts of the facility on big screens. She can see Marcus and her mother have been captured. She talks to the vampire looking son on a radio. She says if he does not release the Ark prisoners she’ll kill his dad. He refuses to let the Ark people go. Clarke has sort of backed herself into a corner here.

Clarke shoots Dante.

Vampire looking son has heard his father being shot over the radio. Clarke then says she will irradiate level 5 if the prisoners are not released.

It is now daylight and Murphy wakes up on the beach. He exposes a solar panel and then hears music. He follows the music and finds a well appointed bunker place. He goes in and explores.

Jasper has a plan. He’s going to pretend to be taken prisoner by the one remaining dissident guard. The guard will take him to the dorm room where the bone marrow is being extracted. He has a knife and he will try to kill the vampire looking son.

The vampire looking son sends Emerson up to the control room as he is the only remaining guard with the bone marrow treatment who can go the irradiated level. He will try to get into the control room.

Vampire guy then switches Raven for Abby. She is next for the drill. You know, I’m pretty sure Clarke didn’t think the whole “kill his father” thing through… Marcus pleads with the vampire guy. He says they can donate bone marrow. No deal.

Octavia and Maya are discovered. Octavia then does some seriously badass stuff dispatching some of the guards. She runs down a corridor and ends up in the main eating room where all the mountain people are gathered. They panic when they see her in Grounder makeup. But Octavia is captured.

Clarke gets Monty to program the air vents so they will pull in irradiated air. They can’t delay any longer. Abby is having the bone marrow thing done. Bellamy sees his sister captured. They also see Emerson setting up explosives to blow open the door of the control room. They have no choice. They decide to share the responsibility and pull the lever together.

Clarke and Bellamy pull the leaver. The fans stop extracting air and go in reverse to pull the outside air in. Immediately all the untreated mountain people get sick and collapse. Jasper had been about to try to kill the vampire looking guy but now has to run for for Maya. Emerson hears the alarm and decides to leave.

Later Clarke goes into the big room on level 5. All the mountain people are dead. She finds a distraught Jasper holding Maya’s body. He’s not very receptive to her “I had no choice” explanation. I did feel bad for Jasper. Maya was a nice person who deserved better. But she was always going to be toast.

Octavia goes to the dorm room and and frees Marcus who in turn frees Abby. Clarke goes to dorm room and embraces her mother. She cries and says to Abby she tried to be the good guy. Abby says maybe there are no good guys. Where is the vampire looking guy they then wonder.

He’s in the forrest making an escape from the mountain. Out of the trees comes Lincoln looking like he means business. The vampire looking guy uses his sonic weapon thing to stop Lincoln and and produces some of the reaper drug. Lincoln fights the sonic agony and uses his knife to cut off the vampire looking guy’s hand. He then injects the vampire looking guy with the drug and leaves him.

Looks like vampire looking guy is toast.

The survivors go back to the Ark site accompanied by Lincoln. Clarke and Bellamy get to the gate but Clarke refuses to go inside. Bellamy says if she is looking for forgiveness for what she did then he will gladly forgive her. Clarke says she can’t go back. Echoing Dante’s words she tells Bellamy “I bear it so they don’t have to”. She embraces and kisses Bellamy and then turns and leaves.

Its a very nice scene, very bittersweet.

Epilogue time! After all, there’s going to be a third season…

Murphy is messing around in the well appointed bunker and finds a video recording time-stamped 2052. Some guy in the same bunker is talking to the camera and says “she” has launched the missiles and it’s all his fault. He then shoots himself.

Outside somewhere Jaha finds a nice pristine mansion. “Curiouser and curiouser,” he says. He goes inside the mansion and he finds a lady who turns out to be holographic AI. She knows his name and thanks him for his gift. He asks how can she know who he is. She leads him to a room where the warhead of his missile is. The same missile he rode down to earth from the Ark earlier in the season.

So this AI lady must be the “she” the bunker guy talked about. Is it ok to call her Skynet?

And there we end.

Honestly I’m not sure if I like the sci-fi plot twist at this point. I liked the concept of the show just fine. “What if people came back from space after generations to an irradiated earth and had to adapt and then they find hostile people already there?”

It’s a bit like what happened with Revolution. In that show the what-if was “What if the electricity went off?” What kind of society would be built on the ruins of our technological world? How would people cope without all the stuff we take for granted? Then in season 2 it became much more sci-fi with nanites who had gained sentience and didn’t want to be turned off. And the whole thing crumbled under the overuse of Stephen King references.

Also another show, Under the Dome. “What if your town got cut off from the outside world?” What would you do for food and fuel? What kind of society would form? Would a strong man try to take over? Then it gradually becomes a load of mumbo-jumbo fantasy rubbish about “mini-eggs” and “mini-domes” and “four hands”, blah, blah, blah. And they killed off that nice girl Angie, grumble, grumble.

But hopefully The 100 won’t go go down the same route and overdo the sci-fi plot twists for the sake of sci-fi plot twists.

And don’t forget the Grounders are still out there…

But enough of season 3 which doesn’t even exist yet. Season 2 was some of the most fun I’ve had watching a TV show in absolute ages. It was a consistently good run of episodes and I remained impressed with how dark the show would go with the nominal heroes doing distinctly unheroic things.

Put it this way, I’ll be buying the blu-Ray boxed set.