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Doctor Who Hell Bent Review

By | 10/12/2015

Ok, this is it, the grand finale. The Doctor has escaped his imprisonment in the confession dial and is back on Gallifrey. It turns out that Gallifrey has been hiding in the far future near the end of the universe. Rassilon is still in charge but he doesn’t look like Timothy Dalton any more. The Doctor… Read More »

Doctor Who Heaven Sent Review

By | 02/12/2015

Ok, that was an interesting episode. Spoilers follow The previous episode ended with the Doctor being teleported away by Me (Arya from Game of Thrones). Now we discover his destination is a mysterious clockwork castle with shifting corridors. A menacing shrouded figure follows the Doctor through the castle and the only way to temporally stop… Read More »

Doctor Who Face the Raven Review

By | 25/11/2015

Be warned, Big Spoilers follow. Very quick plot summary. The graffiti artist Rigsy from last year’s Flatline phones up the Tardis to ask for help with this mysterious tattoo he found on his neck which is counting down to zero. The doctor helps him find a secret street in the middle of London where aliens… Read More »

Doctor Who Sleep No More Review

By | 18/11/2015

I really don’t have too much to say about this episode. The story (such as it is) involves the Doctor and Clara arriving on a space station in orbit around Neptune. They encounter some soldiers on a rescue mission who are investigating… something or other. The episode was made in that dreadful gimmicky “found footage”… Read More »

Doctor Who Under the Lake Review

By | 06/10/2015

After all the Dalek-Davros-Missy shenanigans which probably stretched continuity to breaking point last week it’s nice to have a standalone adventure. And pleasingly this one harks back to the well-established Base Under Siege template that became a staple of the show back in the 1960s mainly during the Patrick Troughton years. The crew of a… Read More »