Moebius Models Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica – photos

A few weeks ago I finally got my hands on the new Moebius Models Colonial Viper kit from the classic series of Battlestar Galactica. I don’t often make model kits any more but I wanted to try this one and I had good fun working on it.

I can’t pretend to be very skilled but overall I think it turned out half-decent and given the hours I spend putting it together I thought I would take a few snaps and put them up here.

The kit has two sets of decals, one to represent the full scale prop and the other to represent the visual effects miniature. I went for the full-scale prop markings which were thicker than the miniature ones.

viper05 viper09 viper11 viper01 viper02 viper03 viper08 viper04

In 2008 Revell re-released their old Viper kit and I’ve included a comparison here. This new kit is a little bit larger and also has the option of landing gear. I choose to include the landing gear as the old kit didn’t have them.

At the time I made the Revell kit I deliberately painted it slightly darker than it perhaps should have been. This time around I went for what I think is a more accurate paint scheme.

viper06 viper07

Note the old model has the optional Silver Spar Squadron markings.

If anyone is interested I used the following Humbrol enamel paints:

  • Hu 28 matt Camouflage Grey overall which seems to be pretty accurate.
  • Hu 123 Extra Dark Sea Grey for the nose intake and cockpit tub.
  • Hu 53 Gunmetal for the engine intake fans, engine detail and exhaust .nozzles
  • Hu 56 Aluminium for the undercarriage.
  • Hu 94 For for the pilot’s helmet and trousers.
  • Hu 186 For the pilot’s jacket.
  • Hu 85 Black for the control stick, boots and belt.
  • Hu 61 Flesh for the face and hands.
  • Hu 16 Gold for the helmet crest and buttons.

I considered doing some weathering but I’ll probably mess the model up if I do so. I may buy a second kit at some point in the future and attempt weathering it.