Judge Dredd trailer and poster

Ok, so the movie is called Dredd, but he’ll always be Judge Dredd to me.

This is the new movie of the 2000AD character who first appeared in 1977. There was of course a previous movie version featuring Sylvester Stallone back in 1995. It wasn’t a perfect movie but I was always fond of it because it was faithful to the comics (at least in parts) and also featured Judge Hershey played by Diane Lane. Who is pretty. But I digress…

The new movie features Karl Urban as Dredd and by all reports he keeps his helmet on. It also introduces Judge Anderson, who in the comics is a Psi-Judge. They go up against Lena Heady and her minions while trapped in one of Mega-City One’s City Blocks.

Hopefully the movie will be a success and we can get a follow-up where Dredd and Anderson go up against Judge Death.

I can dream.

Anyway, here’s the trailer and the poster. The movie is due out in September 2012.