Alien: Covenant Poster and new release date


Well, let me tell you I’ve been having a dreadful year. So I’m always on the lookout for a small bit of good news to distract me.

In this case the good news happens to be that Ridley Scott’s second Alien prequel, Alien: Covenant, will now be released in May 2017, which is a whole three months earlier than the previous August release date.

This is very welcome news as the Alien series is my favourite space-base movie series along side Star Trek.

Also we have a teaser poster that gives little away. Apart from featuring an Alien-style Alien that is.

This prequel movie does promise to be more of an Alien movie than Prometheus. I mean, they’ve put the word “Alien” back in the title for starters.

In other related news Eaglemoss is bringing out an Alien and Predator figurine partwork. I’ll probably subscribe if the price isn’t too excessive.