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The 100 Season 2 on DVD

By | 09/10/2015

One of my favourite TV shows of the last few years, the surprisingly enjoyable and dark The 100, is coming out to buy on 12 October 2015. Or as I like to call it, Next Monday. The season is available by itself in “Mount Weather” packaging. And there is also a combined season 1 &… Read More »

Doctor Who Under the Lake Review

By | 06/10/2015

After all the Dalek-Davros-Missy shenanigans which probably stretched continuity to breaking point last week it’s nice to have a standalone adventure. And pleasingly this one harks back to the well-established Base Under Siege template that became a staple of the show back in the 1960s mainly during the Patrick Troughton years. The crew of a… Read More »