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The 100 Season 2 Episode 8 Spacewalker review

By | 25/02/2015

This week’s episode focuses on one storyline only, that of the Grounder’s demand that Finn be handed over to be executed for the village massacre. So there are no cutaways to Mount Weather for a change. Clarke returns to the Ark camp escorted by two Grounder horsemen who stay at the gate. She tells everyone… Read More »

The 100 season 2 episode 7 review

By | 18/02/2015

This episode has a very interesting opening sequence. We see a girl (who we don’t know) waking up in a field of grass. At first she’s shocked at where she is and doesn’t understand how she got there. As she realises that she is not getting sick from the radiation we then see she is… Read More »

The 100 Season 2 Episode 6 review

By | 13/02/2015

After the explosive climax to the last episode (namely Finn’s massacre of the unarmed civilian Grounders) we jump forward a day or so. Clarke, Finn and the others are back at the Ark crash site. Finn has been given a pardon for, you know, massacring innocent Grounders. Raven tells Clarke that she has worked out… Read More »

Ex Machina movie review

By | 08/02/2015

I recently managed to see Ex Machina in my local cinema before it’s run ended and here are some hopefully non-spoiler comments on the movie. I may follow up with a more spoiler-flavoured post at a later stage. Ex Machina is a movie I knew nothing about until a couple of months ago. I caught… Read More »

The 100 season 2 episode 5

By | 04/02/2015

Clarke is taken into the Ark camp. at first they think she is a grounder but then Abby (newly appointed as Chancellor number 3) recognises her daughter. Clarke is given medical treatment but is only concerned about the others from the drop-ship namely Bellamy and Finn. She also tells her mother that it was not… Read More »