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Edge of Tomorrow review

By | 22/10/2014

Here are some thoughts on the move Edge of Tomorrow. I first saw the trailer for this movie around December 2013 if I recall correctly. It immediately grabbed my interest and intrigued me greatly. I expect I probably watched it numerous times. Certainly I really wanted to see it in the cinema and the wait… Read More »

Doctor Who – Flatline review

By | 19/10/2014

Well, this season of Doctor Who just gets better and better. Last week’s excellent Mummy on the Orient Express is followed by the equally excellent – if not more excellent – Flatline. As usual, expect spoilers below. The Doctor promises to get Clara back home for some Danny date malarkey however the Tardis deposits them… Read More »

Doctor Who – Kill the Moon Review

By | 05/10/2014

As usual spoilers can be found below. Somehow events conspire so that the Doctor and Clara take Coal Hill schoolgirl Courtney on a trip to the Moon in 2049. The Tardis materialises on board a shuttle that then makes a crash landing on the lunar surface. On board the shuttle are three astronauts and 100… Read More »