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Doctor Who – The Caretaker Review

By | 28/09/2014

The Caretaker is on the face of it a rerun of The Lodger, the Matt Smith episode that put the Eleventh Doctor in a domestic flat-sharing situation in order to solve an alien-related matter, much comedy ensues, etc. This time around its Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor who is pretending to be the school caretaker at… Read More »

Doctor Who – Time Heist

By | 21/09/2014

This week’s episode of Doctor Who turned out to be a fairly run of the mill bit of business. It wasn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination but it it did have a distinct “in between” feel about it. Some spoilers follow. The Doctor and Clara are called to a meeting by a mysterious… Read More »

Doctor Who – Listen

By | 14/09/2014

A summary and review of Listen, with spoilers. The fourth episode of the new series turned out to be a bit of a surprise. From what little I had read about it in advance I was under the impression that it would be something in the vein of Stephen Moffat’s classic Blink that introduced the… Read More »

Doctor Who – Robot of Sherwood

By | 07/09/2014

This week’s episode of Doctor Who proved to a bit more of a lighthearted romp than the previous episodes as advertised. It’s very much a standalone episode where the Doctor promises to take Clara to anywhere in time and space. She insists on seeing Robin Hood despite the Doctor’s insistence that Robin Hood never actually… Read More »