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Revolution season 2 episode 12 review

By | 20/02/2014

Last time Stephen Collins and Charlie made a truce with Steven Culp to help him save the townsfolk who were infected by the  Oranges of Death. Miles, Rachel, Monroe and new compradre Connor return from their adventure in Mexico. On returning to the hideout they discover there is no sign of Stephen Collins, Charlie or… Read More »

The Terror by Dan Simmons to be filmed

By | 19/02/2014

OK, this just caught my eye during a random bit of IMDB browsing. On Ridley Scott’s upcoming projects list I see he is down as executive producer on The Terror, a TV movie based on the novel by the same name by Dan Simmons. Here’s the IMDB blurb: Set in 1847. A crew of a… Read More »

Star Trek Starships 12 USS Thunderchild

By | 12/02/2014

After another delay here are a few quick snaps of issue 12 of the Star Trek Starships Collection issue 12, the USS Thunderchild which first appeared in Star Trek First Contact. Every time I read about this Akira-class “catamaran” design I see the words “fan favourite” used. OK, I’ll take their word for it. It’s… Read More »

Maren Jensen photo of the day

By | 11/02/2014

Recently I bought the new Colonial Viper kit from Moebius Models and I’ve had fun building it. (Photos to follow in a later post.) Making the kit got me looking up photo reference online and watching a few episodes of the classic Battlestar Galactica. This in turn has reminded me how lovely Maren Jensen was… Read More »

Revolution season 2 episode 11 review

By | 11/02/2014

First to Mexico. Last time Monroe was captured by his long lost son Connor who takes him to his Mexican crime lord boss guy (who is played by that actor who always plays Central American crime lords). He says he will sell Monroe to whoever is willing to pay for the former head of the… Read More »

Revolution season 2 episode 10 review

By | 10/02/2014

So finally I get to a much delayed recap of revolution season 2 episode 10. When we last saw out heroes Miles was badly injured with some arm infection. I can’t actually remember how he got it but he was in a bad way. In order to save his life Rachel and the others break… Read More »

Fleming on DVD

By | 09/02/2014

I’m a big fan of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels so I’ve been very interested in Sky’s four part series Fleming. And I’m also a big fan of Lara Pulver who plays Mrs Fleming. The only problem is that I don’t have Sky TV. Not to worry, there’s a DVD out on 3 March 2014.… Read More »

Scarlett Johansson poster from Captain America 2

By | 07/02/2014

Marvel’s Captain America The Winter Soldier is opening in a couple of months. In other words it’s getting dangerously close to that time when my obsession with Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow will return to occupy my mind. So as a first instalment of said obsession here’s a new character poster of the Black… Read More »

Riddick review, a solid sequel

By | 01/02/2014

Last night I finally got my hands on a rental disk of Riddick, the third movie in the series that started with Pitch Black back in 2000. The movie starts with Vin Diesel’s anti-hero Riddick marooned on a hostile planet, Robinson Crusoe style. “There are bad days. Then there are legendary bad days” Riddick says… Read More »