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Star Trek Starships All Good Things Enterprise

By | 27/12/2013

My fifth and final update of the day is the subscriber’s special issue of the USS Enterprise-D from the alternate future as seen in the final episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, All Good Things. That’s quite a mouthful. Basically the makers of the show stuck an extra engine nacelle and some other do-dads… Read More »

Star Trek Starships 11 USS Reliant

By | 27/12/2013

And finally we get to one of my favourite Star Trek Ships, the USS Reliant from what remains my favourite Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Khan. That movie made a big impression on me as a kid and as a result the design of the Reliant has always influenced what I thought a star-ship… Read More »

Star Trek Starships 10 Borg Sphere

By | 27/12/2013

Right, this is going to be a short post. There’s no point in taking lots of photos of the next ship as it’s the Borg Sphere from Star Trek First Contact, and a sphere kind of looks like a sphere whichever way you look at it. I’ve taken a couple of photos to highlight the… Read More »

Star Trek Starships 9 USS Defiant

By | 27/12/2013

Moving quickly on, here is the model of the USS Defiant from the third Star Trek TV show Deep Space Nine. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the design. It just doesn’t look like a Federation ship to me. In fact I don’t really think it looks much like anything. The model does a decent… Read More »

Star Trek Starships 8 USS Excelsior

By | 27/12/2013

I’ve finally got around to taking some photographs of the latest Star Trek Starships models. So here is the first of five new posts, this one featuring the USS Excelsior from Star Trek III The Search for Spock. The Excelsior was a brand new design for that movie and represented the next step up from… Read More »

Edge of Tomorrow trailer and poster

By | 14/12/2013

I just discovered this trailer for a movie called Edge of Tomorrow on YouTube last night and it has quickly gone on my list of anticipated moves for 2014. The trailer shows some impressive future war shenanigans but what really grabs my attention is the (possibly Philip K Dick) influenced time loop along the lines… Read More »

Revolution season 2 episode 9 review

By | 02/12/2013

The episode begins with Miles, Rachel and Charlie resolving to rescue Aaron Google from the clutches of Zeljko Ivanek. They approach the Patriot base with guns, ready to turn Patriots into toast. But they are surprised to see lots of dead Patriots lying around. It would appear that Aaron has worked his firefly nanite mojo… Read More »