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Revolution episode 2.8 review

By | 21/11/2013

This episode begins with Miles interrogating some hapless Patriot solder for information on where the Patriots are based. Charlie secretly watches the Culp Patriot guy speaking to the townsfolk. He blames miles and Aaron the bomb that went off last week. Stephen Collins is there and he goes along with the lies and speaks against… Read More »

Revolution episode 2.7 review

By | 20/11/2013

At the end of the last episode Monroe had apparently been executed by lethal injection although we saw Rachel start digging him up. Unsurprisingly Monroe is still alive as Rachel has given him one of those “simulate death” injections. Rachel has done this because the gang needs Monroe’s big knife fighting skills and also because… Read More »

Revolution season 2 episode 6 review

By | 10/11/2013

This episode picks up right after the last one where Monroe had just assassinated John Fry of Texas. Monroe and Miles fake evidence to blame the Patriots. Shortly the Texas Rangers appear looking for John Fry and when they find the body they leave. Stephen Collins is annoyed with the fake grining that is going… Read More »

Thor The Dark World Review

By | 04/11/2013

I saw Thor The Dark World (aka Thor 2 in my head) last Thursday evening. I enjoyed the movie very much and will put down a few thoughts about it here. Chris Hemsworth is back as Thor accompanied by his fellow Asgardians with of course Anthony Hopkins as Odin. The villains this time out are… Read More »

Revolution Season 2 Episode 5 Review

By | 03/11/2013

So finally here is my much delayed review/summary of Revolution season 2 episode 5. The episode begins with Charlie and Monroe on a roof checking things out with binoculars. They see a bunch of Patriot soldiers and that gigantic US flag. The Boss Patriot is shown the toasted guards that Aaron Google zapped with his… Read More »