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Captain America The Winter Soldier trailer

By | 29/10/2013

Let’s not let the new X-Men trailer overshadow the other new Marvel movie trailer, namely the one for Captain America The Winter Soldier. In case you didn’t guess this is a cleverly hidden sequel to 2011’s Captain America. Although a look at the trailer makes it seem like Avengers 2. Exhibit A follows… So multiple… Read More »

X-Men Days of Future Past trailer

By | 29/10/2013

The first proper trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past has finally arrived. As predicted future Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) sends future Wolverine back to the past to help 1970s Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) avert a devastating war. Oh, don’t listen to me, just watch it… Good, huh? Go ahead, watch it again, I did.… Read More »

Revolution 2.4 “Patriot Games” review

By | 20/10/2013

The episode opens with Charlie in some crummy run-down shed place where she is eating a meal and slurping some alcoholic beverage. Some creep comes over and offers to buy her a drink. Charlie wisely refuses and makes for the door where she discovers the way has been padlocked. The creepy men have locked her… Read More »

Revolution 2.3 Love Story review

By | 13/10/2013

At the end of the last episode Miles had been taken through the Red Door to have his blood removed by the Bad Men to be put into the sick wife of the leader of the Bad Men. Meanwhile Rachel and her new gang were riding to the rescue. Luckily Rachel and her gang know… Read More »

Doctor Who Missing Episodes Found

By | 08/10/2013

This story has been bubbling away on Doctor Who forums for months. But a bit of background first. Back in the 1970s the BBC made the farsighted decision to junk copies of many Doctor Who episodes, mainly the black and white episodes from the 1960s featuring William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton. Since the early 1980s there… Read More »

Star Trek Starships #4 Enterprise NX-01

By | 07/10/2013

It’s been a long wait between issues 3 and 4. It’s around 13 months actually. Finally issues 4 and 5 of the Star Trek Starships Collection have arrived. (As predicted I had trouble with my subscription. I was promised my original subscription would automatically pick up again with issue 4. I finally had to phone… Read More »