Revolution Season 2 Episode 1 Born in the USA Review

The new season of Revolution begins and it’s a fairly grim and bleak episode. Remember those nuclear weapons that were fired at the close of last season? Well, they went off…

A few flashbacks bring us up to speed. We see glimpses of what happened after Randall launched the missiles and shot himself. The gang tried desperately to shut of the electricity before the warheads in the missiles exploded.

Six months later we see that the electricity has indeed been turned off again, but it didn’t prevent the missiles destroying Atlanta and Philadelphia. So did they keep the electricity turned off to prevent any other WMD being used or are they unable to turn it on again?

In another flashback we see the gang turn up in a town in Texas where Rachel Matheson’s father lives. He’s played by Stephen Collins who I know best from Star Trek The Motion Picture as Decker. They have him looking a bit more grizzled in this show.

In another flashback we see Charlie leave to go traveling. In a nice nod to continuity Miles tells her not to be stupid.

Before I forget there was a mysterious bit with Miles staggering out of a shed in an injured state and then he proceeded to burn said shed down. I bet there is some dead person in there. But who?

In the present Charlie is hanging out in the Plains Nation picking up dudes for meaningless sex. She arrives in a tent town called New Vegas. Amusingly a hawker is announcing a show featuring David Schwimmer, the only surviving “Friend”.

Charlie sees the former Monroe fight men in a bare-chested fashion for people’s gambling enjoyment. Charlie resolves to assassinate him with her trusty crossbow. But as she fires Monroe is kidnapped by some mysterious dudes. Could this be connected with a scene where cages are being assembled in the former White House in Washington DC?

Tom Neville and his son are in a refugee camp outside Atlanta looking for Tom’s wife. Tom is discouraged and stars to think dark thoughts of ending it all. Just in the nick of time a US Navy sailing ship turns up with a representitive of the US Government saying they have incontrovertible proof that Monroe was behind the nuclear bombs. Tom knows this is a lie so now he has a new enemy to fight.

Back in StephenCollinsVille Miles has decided to leave. Well, Stephen Collins pretty much tells him to get the hell away from his daughter. So Miles goes. Within five minutes he sees a gang of bad men attack some homesteaders and he races in to help. He takes a dead attacker person back to the town and gives the local sheriff the unwelcome news that they can expect to be attacked and have bad stuff happen.

Google guy Aaron has shacked up with a new lady cast member and is seeing fireflies do weird stuff. He tries to tell new lady cast member about the fireflies but she thinks they are just fireflies.

Then the bad attackers attack the town. Miles and the sheriff rescue some kidnapped town ladies but then get captured by the bad men.

But in the attack Aaron got knifed (or sworded or sustained some sort of sharp edge related injury). Anyway, the point is Aaron is toast! In the first episode of the new season! Everyone is upset.

Then just as I am getting used to the new Aaron-less season ahead we see Rachel watching over his dead body. And then his eyes open! Here I apply a metaphorical head slap. She must still have the little cgi healing device that she used last season to fix her Really Badly Injured Leg.

So it’s an interesting set up for the new season. I just hope it gets slightly less grim.