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The Making of Star Trek The Motion Picture by Susan Sackett

By | 21/08/2013

A couple of months back I posted about finding out that there was “making of” book about Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan when I had always assumed there had never been such a book published. ( Finding that volume prompted me to go looking for “making ofs” for the other original series movies… Read More »

Oblivion blu ray movie review

By | 21/08/2013

Last night I finally got to see the newly released Oblivion on blu ray after missing it on its cinema release. It was a “blind buy” but I thought it was worth taking a chance on as I am a big fan of director Joseph Kosinski’s Tron Legacy. I was not disappointed and enjoyed the… Read More »

The Prisoner title sequence location visit

By | 19/08/2013

Recently I was in London for the first time in many years. I decided to take the opportunity to look for a location that appears in the opening credits of the 1960s TV show The Prisoner. In the show Patrick McGoohan’s unnamed secret agent Number Six is kidnapped from his London home after he resigns… Read More »