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Rebecca Ferguson InStyle photos

By | 23/06/2013

I’m not going to make a habit of fashion-related posts, but I thought there were a couple of photos of Rebecca Ferguson on the InStyle site that were worth sharing. Source: I like Rebecca. She’s pretty. Rebecca appears in episode 2 of The White Queen on BBC1 tonight. I thought episode 1 was fine.… Read More »

Defiance Episode 1 review

By | 18/06/2013

I had heard a little bit about the new sci-fi show Defiance. Not much, but just enough to get me interested in finding out more about the concept, and that in turn made me want to check out the first episode. So I did. And I liked it. There’s a lot of back story to the… Read More »

Revolution episode 18 ‘Clue’ review

By | 17/06/2013

In the last episode we saw Nora being captired by the Militia. This episode opens with her in a cell. A very big cell. And her captors let her keep her fashionable leather jacket. Which is nice of them. Someone comes to the door. Maybe it’s a pizza delivery. No, Monroe has brought Nora a… Read More »

Radio Times The White Queen scans

By | 12/06/2013

Yesterday I picked up the new edition of the Radio Times magazine which features a lot of content on the new BBC series about The War of the Roses, The White Queen, which starts next Sunday 16 June 2013. And oddly enough I have now decided that I quite like actress Rebecca Ferguson, mainly because she’s pretty. Hence the… Read More »