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Revolution episode 15 ‘Home’ review

By | 24/05/2013

The episode opens with the aftermath of a battle between the rebels and the militia. We get flashes of the battle with appears to have been fought over a big pile of rubble from some abandoned building that got knocked down shortly before the episode was filmed. It looks like they were trying to do… Read More »

Revolution episode 12 ‘Ghosts’ review

By | 20/05/2013

The episode begins with our heroes putting the late Danny into the ground. Rachel goes to take Charlie’s hand during this emotional moment but Charlie pointedly moves her hand away. So Charlie obviously is not happy with her mother for some reason and I’m sure the episode will explore this. Bella’s dad is not impressed… Read More »

Game of Thrones Location 3 – Larrybane Quarry

By | 19/05/2013

Here’s another Game of Thrones location that I really wanted to find after seeing it in the show. The episode in question was the third instalment of season 2. Catelyn Stark is going to meet one of the many new kings that have been popping up, King Renly. He and his queen, Margaery, are sitting watching a… Read More »

The White Queen trailer and imagery

By | 15/05/2013

I’ve just seen this fun trailer for The White Queen on the BBC: It’s a ten part adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s Cousins War series about the War of the Roses. Here’s a BBC press image: Amazon are listing what appear to be tie-in editions of the novels for publication on 23 May so the series… Read More »

Life of Crime episode 1

By | 12/05/2013

Last Friday night ITV showed the first of a three-part crime drama called Life of Crime. I almost missed it but flipping through the channels I caught sight of Hayley Atwell in a police uniform and I decided there were worse ways to spend an hour of my life. My exact thought was something along… Read More »