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Lara Pulver Independent article

By | 30/04/2013

There was a nice Lara Pulver article on today’s Independent website, including the following photo of Lara and her lovely cheekbones. =sigh= Where was I? Oh yes, here’s the link… So nice I even went out and bought a copy of the paper. 20p well spent!

Doctor Who – Hide

By | 21/04/2013

First of all I must acknowledge the fact that I did not write any comments on last week’s episode, Cold War, aka the one with the Ice Warrior on the submarine. I found the episode oddly uninvolving. I had looked forward to the return of a Pat Troughton monster and the Russian submarine stuff so… Read More »

Carrie remake trailer

By | 21/04/2013

I’ve just found the trailer for the Carrie remake movie that is coming out later in the year. Ok, I’m saying “remake”, although I suppose it’s another movie based on the same source novel that the first movie was also based on. Oh, you know what I mean. Anyway, check out the trailer… You see,… Read More »

Ruth Wilson The Lone Ranger posters

By | 11/04/2013

Two slightly different posters have appeared featuring Ruth Wilson’s character “Rebecca Reid” from Disney’s new movie The Lone Ranger. Here’s the UK variant first. I kind of like the font better on this one. Source: And here’s the US version. Same photo but a different “scratchy” font. Source: The movie will be released on… Read More »

Doctor Who – The Rings of Akhaten

By | 07/04/2013

I suspect that this episode will divide people. It’s either the biggest load of tosh or it’s brilliant. I’m really not sure which, but I do know I enjoyed it very much. I’m not sure why. All the ingredients would suggest I not like it. But I enjoyed it very much. This is the first… Read More »