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Doctor Who The Snowmen

By | 26/12/2012

I thought this Christmas episode was a bit more substantial than the previous Christmas episodes, most likely due to it being part of an ongoing story rather than the usual twee and glib nonsense that usually appears. Spoilers follow. So it’s Victorian times and the Doctor is retired and generally stalks about Pondless and unhappy.… Read More »

Christmas telly watching 2012

By | 25/12/2012

These days I don’t watch a lot of live tv, instead preferring to pick up a DVD or blu ray and watch something when it is convenient to me. However looking at the TV listings I’ve picked out a few things to watch over the week. Monday 24 December Merlin BBC1 8:15 pm Ok, so… Read More »

New Tardis set

By | 19/12/2012

Ah! A new Tardis control room set. And one that finally looks like a Tardis control room should. And roundels on the walls. Well, hexagonal roundels. And the Doctor in Victorian era garb. Now, just give him a recorder and a 500 year diary and have done with it.

Star Trek Into Darkness trailer 2

By | 18/12/2012

And another trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has turned up, mainly showing new stuff and managing to not give away the plot. Oh, it turns out The Batch is not playing Khan or Gary Mitchell. He’s playing a character called John Harrison. Who ends up in the brig. Which means he wants to be… Read More »

Star Trek Into Darkness trailer and poster

By | 07/12/2012

Has it really been four years? I guess it has. The second instalment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise is here. At least the teaser poster and trailer are anyway. Trailer first of all… The speculation is that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing either (a) genetic superman Khan from original series episode Space Seed and of… Read More »

The Amazing Spider-Man

By | 06/12/2012

This summer in the midst of the whole Avengers/Dark Knight excitement I found I couldn’t really be bothered to actually go and see the new rebooted Spider-man. After all, the Toby Maguire movies did such a great job. Well two of them did anyway. Plus I am unapologetically a fan of Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane.… Read More »