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Next X-Men movie to be Days of Future Past

By | 11/08/2012

This is interesting. We were all wondering what the next X-Men movie was going to be called. Would it called X-Men First Class 2? Or how about X-Men Second Class perhaps? It turns out it’s going to be X-Men First Class Days of Future Past. Probably. Back in 1981 shortly after the Dark Phoenix Saga… Read More »

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Drama

By | 11/08/2012

  Here’s an interesting little piece of news that caught my attention this week. The BBC is to make a drama about the creation of Doctor Who in the 1960s for the shows 50th anniversary year.  Theres not a lot of detail about it yet other than it will be titled An Adventure in Space and Time and… Read More »

Final Dredd poster appears

By | 03/08/2012

A final poster for the new Judge Dredd movie has appeared. And it does exactly what it says on the tin: big photo of Karl Urban as Dredd in front of some Mega-City One city blocks. The only niggle is the big “3D” splattered below the title. Thats no good for me because my local… Read More »